Playground Moment

I’m totally hanged over! After 3 weeks spent (almost) all my time for holiday (I mean having date with my bed). My brain goes shocked because at the first day at school I have a biology experiment tasks. Sigh! First day at school always be a beautiful nightmare for me. Beautiful moment when I meet all my favorite friends and a nightmare when your killer teacher horrified gives a mountain of task.

                So I decide to make myself break (again) for a little moment. Go to the next city such as a nice choice and enjoy the playground there!
hello, Batu! Are you ready for playing around?

unwittingly my lovely-friend took this picture

 jean dress : from my sister 
flannel shirt : corniche
 grey flat shoes : fladeo
orange ribbon : bunga

hey, look my back!

flowery hat : from my mom 
 flowered bag : a treasure from my childhood
 crown ring : stroberi
 friendship brecelet : stroberi

take a rest for a moment, hufh!

         let's ride this Ferris wheel!

                                                              picture by : Cyntya Thalia
                                                              big thanks for her xoxo

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