A New Legacy

From my last holiday go to my parent’s village, I feel so excited. How can I hate this city? (Although sometimes I hate the weather because it's so random, it can be too hot and too cool) it can make me too lazy to dress up there. If I used my nice-summer clothes, maybe all people would stares at me with amazement and think "she has no moral attitude, how can she wear a super short pants"-and sure I won't anybody call me like that. Yeah sure, fashion is all about the freedom, but a thing that you must to remember that you must to know the condition while you wear you best fashion. And the reason I love that city a lot are it has a beautiful scenery, nice atmosphere, kind people (I think all the Indonesian people are kind), and sure a nice sun-you can sun bathing here. If you want to go there, probably you need a sunglass. Anybody want to know, how nice it is? 

 what a nice morning all!
surely I can feel an airy air

when the grasses are dancing


The greatest thing, I found a lot of nice (vintage) legacy from my lovely grannie. Can you guess it? Totally true!! A new closet for my wardrobe. I'm so excited when I opened my garennie cupboard; I can take as many clothes as I want. So I decide to take some pieces of lace top, some vintage kebaya, and many others

 take everything that you want darl!

(sorry for a bad quality of picture, because it has a bad lighting)

Surely I'll take a picture with that awesome vintage dress on my next post