me, moi!
I'm a teenager
finally I'm 17 anyway

born when all the people in Indonesa
busy preparing for some flag ceremony for theirs independent day
actually it's 16 of August 1996

my mom told me that
"you were born when your daddy came"
so, from that statement shows that
I'm a daddy's little girl
yes, I am!
they told me that
physically I look like my dad
but I act like my mom
actually I love my daddy more than my mom
it's a secret
so keep it well

I'm a smart girl
don't believe on me?
just ask my parent

my name is
Malisa Amalia Chosun
but you may call me

I hate school,
coz I'm not to good at school
I love to play coz i'm good at that

I love a kind of classic music
I love Beethoven or Mozart
I love piano or violin
but I can't even play it


I love cheese
but I hate it if too much

I love white chocolate
but I'm sick if too much
I love dark chocolate
I think I can eat it a much as I can

I love cupcake
I can eat it even if it a thousands

I love take a picture
but better if I'm an object

I have a hot red lips

I have big-brown eyes

I have a semi-curly hair

people love it
but sometimes I hate it
when I wake it will be unfurl like a lion's hair

and for addition

I love a kind of family guy
A guy love animals

conclusion :
people around me says
that I am
Money spender

Talk active

well, you know me. rules are rules and rules are made to be broken 

Big belly girl


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