New Ispiration : Celebration

hollaa all, sorry for MIA for a moment. I've been so crazy because sooo many assignment across my mind and totally make me crazy. hauff! (And surely, enjoyed my lovely-holiday)

And unbelievable thing, we've past the IED MUBAROK. Seriously I'm soooo sorry for every mistake that I did to you. So many words which is like a sword for you, and I swore it hurt your heart. So many attitudes which is made you so damn-hate-me at all. So many things from A-Z which is probably made all of you mad at me

The point of this celebration were not about with a new clothes, new accessory. Actually, we have to better for the next year; we have to be change our bad habit from the past.
Anyway, about clothes for celebrate that day. I'd like to share you nice clothes. Enjoy all ^^

 for you who really like modern touch

 I love this

 this my (mommy's) favorite kind of clothes

and I love this style also

( I took that picture randomly from internet)

Hopefully we can meet again next year, with a better thing from us, and sure that's picture can inspired you ;)

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