Not Really Monotone Sunday

                Happy Sunday everybody!! Today I’m so busy, in the dawn I must accompanied my mom to go to a market to buy several thing after that I must prepare study for my final exam or it’s popular with UN, I go try out in a very early morning and it was unbelievable cold. From that reason, so I chose to use a simple outfit.

I swore my brain got on fire with physic, math and chemistry. I’m going to be crazy because of that kind of subject! Seriously, I felt my brain hot after I did try out. So I decided to go to some nice place for give nutrition for my brain and repair a lost piece of my brain because of that try out with my best friend.

                Reachel Risol!!! Have you ever heard that? That’s a nice place, so cozy to eat with you close person with 2 floors. And I really love their 2nd floor; it’s great with nice scenery. But, better you eat at second floor during evening or night, because it will be very hot if you go there at afternoon (not really recommended). From the menu I really like the risol, all their risol I mean. Loooveee it all, so delicious. You can feel a soft mayonnaise spill out to your moth when you bite it.

 go confused to choose the chair

shoes : Doc Marten
long necklace : DIY

 don't you think I'm funny?

 a kind of nice food yeah!

feel the air here

 arty rings : online shop
bag : Elizabeth

 clock necklace : Stroberi

vintage watch : a gift from Cyntya

 a nice vintage poster

another nice poster

and here's my best friend-Prilzilia whom took (almost) all the pictures
big thanks for her

anyway, an over-sized long sleeve which I wore from my garnnie at my last post. I just keep my promise guys :)

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