Last Birthday

Holla all!

Sorry for late posting my sweet-17’s birthday (which at 16.08.2013). I mean my sweetest birthday. I know there’s no party like most teenagers do, just go out for dinner with my close friend. But, my mommy said to me (when I go mad at her, because she won’t celebrate my birthday with a lavish party)-that being 17 it doesn't mean you must make a big-big party with so many guest star at the ballroom luxury hotel and many (fake) friend said “happy birthday” with their (fake) smile, that’s ridiculous. She said to me that being 17 means you must be more mature than before, smarter than the last day, study harder than anyone else, and absolutely be better than last-last-last year.

                I remember well, when my birthday came my mommy gave me a thousand kisses and prays while I just woke up in the morning. That’s the most things I need now, yeah a thousand prays for me. And that was sweeeeeet!! Seriously, when you woke up in the really morning, a people who really you love gave you nice kisses ever!

                Actually at that day, just a several person who gave me a little word “happy birthday”- I purposely did not tell many people about my birthday, because I just wanna know how many people who cares me. And now I know, just a small of person on my circle care about me. That’s the reason why, I’m not really care about them.

                And that day, still on my mind my brother gave me a lovely-bucket of roses. How nice! I love roses, and he knows it well! Actually he wanted to give me a little surprise, but my mom destroyed his entire plan for me, and my brother got little bit angry to my mom. (Pssst he’s so funny when he got mad)

 don't you think that's a nice roses?

 here's my brother. Aww, how nice he is!

and do we like a couple?

                On the next day, I decided to go dinner with my close friend. I purposely made a ‘semi-dark’ dress code. I think that was cool enough.
sequin top : X boutique

skirt : a gift from my auntie

For a little I thing need

is not about commercial post, I just recommend you use this product. seriously!

and I do love all the colour there

watch : Hermes
arty rings : online shop
necklace : Amalia's online shop
black clutch : from my mom

heels : Fladeo

                And now I'm 17, hopefully I can be better better better that before.

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