Thanks God It's Saturday

A few days ago were the birthday of my classmate’s sweet 18’s birthday, he is my class clown. Source of noise is ridiculous, well sometimes I am very disturbed by the joke which I think sucks and is not funny, but he's still my friend-my silly friend.

            For gave little memories, a few days after his birthday, my classmates and I tricked him by spraying a variety of things that I think-so-disgusting like rotten eggs, flour and a little water. We were laughing happy, very happy. Our memories at school in the last year.
            We asked him to treat us in a cozy, free dress code-just be you. And yeah, finally last night he treated us. You know, it’s like one perfect night, go dinner with crazy kids. We just want to get together, talk to each other lightly and laugh at each other to enjoy the time that is getting thinner. Like I said before, this is our last year together. Yeah, we are crazy kids!

And we are, we are, we are, we are, we are

The crazy kids, them crazy, them crazy kids

And we are, we are, we are, we are, we are

The crazy kids, we are the

We are the crazy people

 a nice cafe and resto guys

  cozy place, huh?

  yeah, it's me!

don't you think we're funny?

with my friend-Prilzilia

              unwittingly my friend took this picture

a kind of cool guys (?)

            yeah, it's GOST!
(minus numi, refi, black, tomi and irfan)
  By the way, I'm not in this picture if you look for me, because I am a photograph

so, thank you last night guys! I love you all!

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