Super Shining Day!

                 Hello sun! It was a super shining day!

            I know it kind of super-duper hot day. But we have to be thankful because now at Europe is starting to get autumn season which is a kind of terrible season, more than winter. heavy rain and wind to haunt you when you live in Germany. But, at our country here, it was very hot, and if my skin was made by ice I swore it would be melted from long time.

            So, because of that shining day, I can go outside without got worried about the rain-will-be-come-not on my mind; I swore can took a picture at rooftop. Such as not a big deal for me yeah! And surely my best ties helped me to take my picture. Thanks a lot for AMALIA! :)

asymmetric clothes : online shop
yellow-neon bag : Gucci
necklace  : DIY
bangles : random
boot : Doc Martens

aww, a kind of really blinding light!

super shinning aww!

let's dance with the wind

song of sun

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