20 Facts About Girls

  1. We love a sincere compliment, not a compliment-with-rolling-eyes only for making us happy
  2. We love when a guy stroke our hair gently
  3. We like an experiment with many stuff on our wardrobe
  4. Don't ever be rude to us because we'll do more than you think
  5. We HATE your ex
  6. We're like an angel, but don't ever make us angry cause we'll be a monster
  7. We love a guy who can act like a best friend, father, sibling, friend, or even boyfriend
  8. Yes, we apologize you, but we NEVER forget your mistakes
  9. We love the guys who loves their family especially his mother
  10. We hate to be a fashion disaster!
  11. Don't ever compare us to the other girls. we don't like it!
  12. A bucket of rose, a pack of Swiss-chocolates, nice words may be sweet. but better you give the different one
  13. We like when you guys act silly in front of us. but please don't make us shame!
  14. Don't lie to us, cause we know it!
  15. The words "you look fatter" can make us upset instantly
  16. When we want you to say what'a the plan for our first date, we want you to repeat our plans that's we made before
  17. Don't debate with us, cause we will win it. girls always true!
  18. We may say "he's handsome" to the other guy, but actually we ONLY see you
  19. Don't be ever protective. all we need is prince charming who's understand us. not a talk-active nanny
  20. "You're beautiful" is pretty good. but better you say " you have a nice personality" pr maybe " wow, no wonder many boys like you. you're interesting" with a little laugh

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