Wow it was a long time i’m MIA (Missing In Action) well, now i know that stay at somewhere which is far away from your hometown is quite difficult. Now i must learn so many things, start from learn to manage my money which I’ve never done before, FIY i used to be very wasteful, i’d like to spend almost all my money to bought something unnecessary, but now i must manage it well for mu book, for pleasing my shopping list, etc. Besides it, i must learn how to fight my laziness, i must try hard how to cook some difficult menu. Its pretty hard, but when i grow up and i realized that it’s time for me to stand alone, try to learn many things. I must do all my duty while i’m fucking home sick, or i should attend some discussion or i’ll get zero at my report even if i’m sick. It might be hard, but i’m pretty sure my parents try harder than me for school. So, i won’t disappointed them.