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REVIEW Trilogy Rosehip Oil-Indonesia

Awal kenal Trilogy Rosehip Oil dari salah satu sahabatku, Amalia di tahun 2017. Waktu itu tipe wajahku oily dan acne prone, yang punya banyak BANGET bekas jerawat dan jerawatnya juga.
Buat yang mau tau skincare pas masa jerawatan parah bisa cek di sini ya!
Masa itu aku aku nggak pede sama wajah sendiri, soalnya walaupub udah effort banget buat make up tapi tetap masih ada samar bekas jerawat yang kelihatan, meskipun udah pakai foundation yang full coverage. Jadi dilema kalau setiap hari (memaksakan diri) pakai foundation, justru bikin wajah makin berjerawat.
Amalia berbaik hati nyuruh aku nyobain Trilogy Rosehip Oil punya dia selama sebulan. Biar kalau cocok bisa beneran purchase sendiri, sementara kalo ngga cocok ngga perlu sedih udah beli tapi ternyata nggak berguna.

Tapi, Apa sih Rosehip Oil itu?
Rosehip oil adalah minyak yang berasal dari biji mawar jenis tertentu, yaitu rubiginosa atau Rosa moschata. Rosehip merupakan buah yang tertinggal setelah mawar tipe tersebut telah berbunga dan …
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LOOKBOOK: Lolita Inspired

"She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms, she was always Lolita."

I watched this movie several years ago, and it still on my mind. Lolita itself is an adaption movie from a book with the same title. Lolita is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov, first published in 1955, about a middle-aged literature professor Humbert Humbert who is obsessed with the 12-year-old Dolores Haze, with whom he becomes sexually involved after he becomes her stepfather. "Lolita" is his private nickname for Dolores. This is a classic work, I'm pretty sure many of you already read it.

I honestly don't really like this movie, because this is a male gaze (the act of depicting women and the world, in the visual art and in literature, from a masculine, heterosexual perspective that presents and represents women as a sexual object for the pleasure of the male viewer). No wonder, it was an over-sexualizing underage girl with many 'provocativ…

Prologue: The Other Girl

Have you ever took a moment to see what yourself in the internet? In other words, googled your own name to see what you've actually done.
Malisa Amalia

I could find my social medias, from Facebook, Instagram, even LinkedIn. When I look into social media, example: Instagram, feel like I met such a cheerful, beautiful, talented young lady. Girl in the pictures looks perfectly fine, in her cute outfit and poses. Her writings can be positive, sometimes melancholic.

I clearly understand about internet persona, 'someone'--maybe it just us, or the other 'person' that we created in internet. We tend to be the best version of ourselves, and portrayed our life as perfect as possible. In other words, we can be anyone and anything in the internet.
I met someone from the internet, he said once, "You don't took like the one that I saw on Instagram" these words honestly slapped me really hard.

And I asked myself,
is she really me?
am I fake?

That cheerful girl th…

Sandara Jiwa: Natural Local Skincare

Sekarang udah lebih dari 2 bulan aku nyobain rangkaian skincare lokal yaitu Sandara Jiwa. Pertama kali tahu merk ini dari Kak Rara Sekar yang nulis di Instagram story-nya, yang katanya 100% alami dan hasilnya cukup signifikan. Akhirnya aku pun tertarik buat mencoba rangkaian skincare ini.
Aku suka banget idea overview Sandara Jiwa, "Sandara Jiwa diawali oleh kepedulian akan industri kecantikan yang menjual 'kecantikan platonis' yang dikonstruksi oleh kulit putih, rambut lurus, serta tubuh kurus/langsing...." Selengkapnya dapat dilihat di sini. Intinya, Sandara Jiwa ingin mengapresiasi semua kecantikan terlepas dari warna kulit serta aspek fisik lainnya. Produk lokal ini juga ingin kita semua menerima anugerah kecantikan fisik yang didapatkan, demi kecantikan dari dalam juga.
Setelah konsultasi masalah kulitku yaitu normal to oily-acne prone dan ingin menghilangkan bekas jerawat, disarankan untuk menggunakan rangkaian produk yang terdiri dari calendula toner, essence…

Lowcal Kitchen, Healthy and Yummy!

Since my skin is in trouble even if I'm using my current skincare routine, so I guess it because of food I ate. I can't eat too much sugar, oil, and proteins, but last month I just ate everything I bought. For the sake of my skin, I MUST to eat vegetables soup everyday. But my friend just came to my place and we just wanted hangout, we decided to go to Lowcal kitchen.
In Malang City, a place with all healthy choices such a rare thing. In this city has many options for hanging out, either with friends or family--but for healthy yet yummy, Lowcal is a pioneer. Lowcal Kitchen is located in Jl. Terusan Dieng no. 39.

They served vegetarian menus, from for the sweet tooth as smoothies, pumpkin soup and something salty as teriyaki tempeh, chicken caesar salad, and any other menus. They garnished the food perfectly beautiful! Anyway, if you're confused about food you want to eat, just ask the waitress they'll explain their menus and give you recommendations based on your persona…

Stay Cool and Wear Stripes

Actually, how many stripes you can wear? As many as you like! I do really enjoy wearing it and I'd like to add more stripes in my wardrobe. And yeah, I found that I have unhealthy obsession with stripes. Well actually when I want to buy more stripes, I told to myself that I have enough stripes!!

Seriously, I have two main reasons why I love stripes--that much! First, Classic piece! You can have one stripes basic shirt and wear it three or five years later without anyone asked, "when did you get it?" because yeah, we wear it every-single-year!
Second, Create Illusion! Cliché, if you want to look slimmer, go wear stripes in vertical lines, but if you want to look fuller go choose stripes with horizontal lines! BUT, this 'rule' isn't that important, just wear whatever you're comfortable with!
Top: Phenomenon, Matahari Mall Dress: Musée Earring: @giwang_giwang Shoes: Charles and Keith

The other reason, I just really comfortable with stripes. I can look fun, effortless…

I Left Some Pieces of My Heart at Yogyakarta

First time I came to Yogyakarta when I was in Junior High School, after that my family and I religiously came to Yogyakarta every year. But something happened, we didn't come to 'Gudeg heaven' city for years. Last year was my first time came to Yogyakarta again, and luckily this year I could enjoy Yogyakarta again.
First time I went there, I instantly fell in love with this place. I enjoyed walking around Malioboro, observed crowd there about people interactions, bought fascinating stuff sold there. After years I didn't come, I absolutely more and more fall in love this city. I found myself enjoyed night walk to Angkringan, or heard people talking with Javanese language, and great street musician, and many simple things.
This year, I enjoyed moments with minimum pictures (well I captured small amount of pictures--If we compare to this post). I only took pictures at several places, not every places I visit in Yogyakarta.

I took pictures at Rumah Makan Demangan, Clarade…