I Heart You, J!

My confusion about the place I wanted to go, at this post was answered. My friends and I decided to go to Jogja 3 days 2 nights last month. 

I went to Jogja at 08.10 am from Surabaya by train and it took around seven hours. it was tiring, because we only sat down and did nothing (except eating and talking) I mean, I started had a backache at first three hours. I made lots of unfunny jokes, and a guy in front of me secretly laughed cause of my jokes. We arrived at Lempuyangan Railway Station at 14.00 (if I'm not mistaken), and we went to our hotel with Grab (Tips for you guys if you order online transportation: go walk near a flyover quickly and grab your phone tightly--because my friend saw a man wrestled a girl who's-ordered-online-transportations phone).

It took only fifteen minutes to reach our hotel. our hotel was at Prawirotaman, Adhistana Hotel. The first impression about Adhistana Hotel was pretty good, unique, and many spots for taking pictures (hehehe). I like their lobby interior, was cozy and warm but still unique and quite ethnic. no lift there, so it quite difficult for the one who brought suitcase like me (and yeah, I asked hotel's administrator room at the higher floor). this hotel only available in three floors, so you won't see too many people here and surely good for you who want a quiet place for taking rest.

White shirt: vintage
Denim skirt: Surfer Girl
Socks: New Look
Sunglasses: Cotton On
Scarf: unbranded
Clutch: Mango
Shoes: Converse

I took this picture

Day one. 
after a long time on the train, I need to move my body so I just washed my face then started to make up and voila I was ready to go! We left the hotel at 16.15 (if I'm not mistaken). First stop was Yammie Pathuk, the one of legendary place to eat. I like it, the noodle was good and the 'pangsit goreng' was really great. You guys need to try them if you visit Jogja. After it, we went to @dailynoon.store offline store to buy several things for my pal's gift and after that, we just eat (again) at KR Angkringan near Malioboro. We were really full and tired, so time to go back to the hotel. we thought we would sleep afterward, but we haven't sleepy yet so we decided to chit-chat near the pool and enjoyed the night breeze plus perfect full-moon. 

Here my no makeup face

Top: (X)S.M.L
Skirt: H&M
Bag: Cocolyn, Zalora
Pom-pom: @dailynoon.store
Watch: Hush Puppies
Colourful bracelet: Accessorize
Gold bracelet: Redeye
Earing: Accessorize
Socks: New Look
Shoes: Converse

Here the details

Day two.
I woke up really morning with a stomachache, cause of too much eating and when I wanted to sleep again but I can't. So I just enjoyed the morning at Jogja with sleepy eyes and no makeup face but surely I didn't forget to brush my teeth so my friends wouldn't feel annoyed when talking with me.

We didn't get breakfast at this hotel (we chose without breakfast package because we wanted to breakfast in another place), so we decided to breakfast at Sade. The place was really great with many plants, so it made this place not that hot even in outdoor and no air conditioner here, plus there was a tropical wall-decoration, the foods were really delicious with fresh ingredients and good back sound music. here what we ate. We decided to choose the different menus so we could try one and another dish, and we really like them! I ordered infused water (because personally, I don't really like the too-tasty drink) but, all of my friends decided to order the same drink. With the reasonable price you can enjoy these foods, you guys have to eat at this place (don't expect to eat till full stomach here, because they served in breakfast portion), but my stomach already felt so full.

I ordered this delicious dish

We went to Taman Sari afterward, and decided to be guided by a tour guide so we could explore all places there, and yeah we explored many beautiful spots and we have full-team pictures! It took around two hours after turned around all Taman Sari's spot, pretty hot outside but the sceneries were really pretty and worth.

Tired and hungry, two words after we walked around two hours for turning around Taman Sari, so we chose to eat meatballs because we were really hungry after cardio right? Honestly, we wanted to go to other place but we were too tired so we went back to the hotel to took some rest.
What's the problem after sleeping? Getting hungry. And yeah, we were really hungry and thank God, my friend's sister sent us a super great Mie Aceh, canai, and martabak (I didn't take pictures because we were too hungry), the portion each served was so big we ate a portion of spicy Mie Aceh by three people. 

Back to our plans before we slept, we wanted to go to Tempo Gelato and Aglio (a place that served many kinds of pasta) so we took bath and get ready for next plans. We walked to Tempo, it only took around ten minutes. as usual, Tempo was very crowded with domestic or non-domestic people. I ordered coconut and mango flavors, and they were pretty delicious! I got a stomachache after finished my gelato (maybe because of I ate too much), so I need to go back to our hotel as soon as possible, so my friends decided to take away pizza at Aglio. the taste of the pizza was pretty great! I love the pepperoni, the melted mozzarella plus black olive fruit. Rather than eating pizza at our room, we prefer chit-chat near the pool plus swimming. so yeah, we spent our last night together with pizza and swimming plus little talk near the pool. I love everything here. 

Day three.
Two of my friends already checked out when I was waking up. this is my last day at Jogja, I just packed my stuff, looked for breakfast and l went to the vintage store which was really amazing and I love everything there! but sadly, I can't explore that store too long because my flight was at 15.15 to Jakarta and Jogja in the weekend was very crowded and usually got traffic jam so I need to go the airport early.

Good bye. I heart you, Jogja!


Personal Style

She's Clarestatok

Quite difficult to finally I found my personal style. I used to like super girly style with lots of flower and colours, then quite boyish, and I've tried monochrome minimalist style but non of them I really into and comfortable with those kind of styles. 

After long time adventures plus trial and error, finally I found my personal style that I really comfortable and into, vintage-inspired style. Its not a kind pure vintage with all vintage clothes but I'd like to mix and match vintage items plus modern items with a glimpse of my own preferences. 

I took these two pictures of my friends 

Yesterday I attended Fairfield Marriott's event about personal style. Fairfield Marriott itself want to facilitate many direct messages about people want to take pictures in that hotel, so they invited an influencer from Surabaya (you can check her instagram @clarestatok) for sharing session and a architecture-photographer community, and we could ask many things to them. 

 I met lots of people with different kind of styles. when we were there, we divided into three groups with around 6-7 people so we can help each others to take pictures in several spots there, like near the pool, ballroom and cool corridor, plus a lobby. 

I got into a group with these people, I thought it would be awkward moment when you got into a group with a bunch of people you don't know,  but they were really fun and humble so we could help plus got to know each other quickly. we talked about many things, about our personal preference of style until about our life. I had so much fun there with these people.

I enjoyed the pool in the noon

Here all I got from yesterday, besides good pictures in a good spots also new friends! 

Dress: vintage
Barrett hat: Stradivarius 
Sunglasses: Pull and Bear
Watch: Hush Puppies
Bag: Elizabeth 
Shoes: Gia, Berrybenka