You're Beautiful! Yes, You!!

To be honest, tank top wasn't my thing. I have a pair of big arms and I was so afraid how if people mocked me, because I'm in their standards. 

I wore tank top as I wore at this post, I have to say that I wasn't really comfortable that moment, not only because of people glares, but because of my own perception about 'perfect girl'. I always thought that I don't deserve to wear tank top and feel beautiful about this body. When I took pictures for this post, I constantly hate them, and asked my friend to take another pictures, again and again. 

But I asked myself,
Aren't you tired for pleasing society with their 'beauty standards'? 

So now, I decided to walk away--step by step--from my insecurities, about body image that I always thought 'beautiful' that beautiful girl should be has flawless skin, straight hair, slim and tall body but still has 'a shape' (I mean, aren't most of us constructed like that?)
I talked to myself, "Hey it's okay for not pleasing society."
Been struggling many years to love myself. I put much effort to love my curly-wavy hair, my not-so-fair skin, not so skinny body, and my scars especially acne scars on my face.

♡ Detail ♡

Top: (X) SML
Pants: Pomelo
Shoes: Berrybenka, Gia
Bag: HnM
Pom-pom: @dailynoonstore
Ring: I don't remember 
Sunglasses: Vintage, my mom's belonging

And I now, I encourage myself to wear anything that I want with confidence, chin up, and proud with the fact that it's my body and I love it.


Welcoming Spring with LOF

Last weekend I really wanted to go somewhere with a different atmosphere, and refreshing my mind. So I decided to go Living with LOF. 

Living with LOF (Lot of Flowers) is a place that sold flowers and also foods, this place was created by Kittymanu, a young lady with creative and positive mind. It located at Jl. H. Junaedi No. 3 South Cipete, Cilandak, Jakarta. You can easily found this one, because it has very unique building. 

I pronounce Living with LOF exactly same as Living with Love, and I personally found that Kittymanu want to remind me to live your life with love and love your life, plus don't forget to pursue your dreams.

I found passion and love here, everything looks so perfect and personal here. it feels like your dream house with lot of flowers, and you can just sip your favourite coffees and enjoy the twilight here.

The place itself was really unique and refreshing because it has lots of flowers. I don't really understand about types and names of plants, but I'm pretty sure my mom will love this place because they have many plants here. The plants themselves were the decorations of this place, and it instantly made you think that you're not in Jakarta. I love the atmosphere here, homie and fun at once with white colour that dominated these furniture.

My boyfriend and I ordered some menus here, he ordered ice hazelnut coffee latte plus pancakes and I ordered cappuccino plus spaghetti. The taste of these menus were really amazing. I underestimated the coffee at the first place, but the taste were really good!! about the pancakes was good, not that sweet and light so you'll not nauseated because eat too much of it. The spaghetti was also great! It was creamy but not too much, so you could taste any other ingredients like salt or salted butter plus black pepper. I really enjoyed the menus right there.

For me, Living with LOF is a  perfect place to enjoy your time by choosing your favourite plants and taste the good foods.

So because this place was really great, so I just welcoming spring here!! Decided to wear to different patterns, but why not? I surprised because stripes and flowers look good together! I mean, these two peaces were formal look. But when I combined them it doesn't look so formal and they looked fun! What do you think, guys?

Top: The Executive
Skirt: unbranded
Clutch : @egie.room
Shoes: Berrybenka


.H O M E.

((first thing first, please click this--well I highly recommend you to turn on Banda Neira-Beranda))

I secretly hoped to leave home really soon, when I was young, five years ago--I guess. I was really hoping to be a decision maker of every choices I had.

Living alone in the city where far away from your hometown give you another melancholic vibe and make you realize how important home is. Frankly, this is not that scary as I thought before, I mean I already lived alone since (almost) four years ago so I thought moved to somewhere further wouldn't be any big problem, especially I'm not a kind of people who easily to miss something/someone.

I often feel empty and lonely, especially in the night after office-hours. I mean, after lot of laughs and then everything just silent and I'm alone again.
Then suddenly, I miss everything about home. I miss the smell of my room at Surabaya (even if its not my hometown), lavender plus burn stuff (because of my aromatherapy candle), my warm little light, pictures hung up in the wall, I miss loud laugh from my friends when they were coming to my place. I also miss my hometown, read a book on the little park in cloudy day, cool breeze and fresh air--without too much pollution, I miss my mom's laugh, my daddy's giggles, the loud voice of radio every morning, some cats that came once or twice, I miss everything.

Even if sometimes,
I don't mind to be with myself only. Contemplating about everything (especially for reasons I did something stupid OR about my future), read books or maybe webtoon, watch movies streaming, waiting for food delivery, or maybe take a very very long nap.

but still.

short story, I miss for being at home.


Bonjour, Jakarta!

I took internship subject at this 8th semester  which is I have to be an intern on some company, and I decided to go to Jakarta for it. No special reason, I just want to get experience as much as I can. I want to take any opportunity I had, and voila, here I am at Jakarta. 

I have particular obsession with Paris. I've been falling in love with this city since when I was on elementary school, by learned geography class. I often watched movies, with a Parisian girls, drink coffee plus eat croissant and she reads book, and surely with a beret hat.

So, why not I took the concept, eat croissant (plus salad, minus drinking a cup of coffee and reading book)  and just chit chat with my boyfriend at Sophie Authentique. 

Source: Sophie Authentique

Source: Sophie Authentique

Source: Sophie Authentique

Source: Sophie Authentique

Sophie Authentique known as a natural French bread maker, the process of making the bakery is handmade without using mold. I love their decorations, combined with navy blue and white plus wood elements that make it looks perfect, classy yet modern.

We ordered wheat croissant, Caesar salad, donuts with sugar (I forget the name), and for drinks I chose mineral water and my boyfriend chose ice lemon tea. We didn't order that much because we already eat before. The taste of the croissant was palatable and light, I like it. The salad itself contains of tomatoes, green lettuce, boiled egg, croutons, homemade chicken nuggets,  and Parmesan cheese. the vegetables taste fresh and good, but unfortunately the homemade chicken was not really good, like not-really-fresh food.

Last but not least, eat them with style!
I decided to change two looks instantly, with minor effort. At first look, I want to give image as a sweet Parisian girls just wanna hang out, and the second look I wanna looks mature and fierce.

Bralette:  Stradivarius
Sheer Top: Zara
Dress: Musee
Shoes: Gia, Berrybenka
Bag: HnM