Welcome to Legal Age

Hi! So, I officially on my legal age!
I'm blessed because I still live here with tons of sparkle and happiness. So, I'll write a letter to younger me and girls out there.

Dear young girl, in front of a mirror, you don't need to please every-single-one, because you can't never pleased the whole world. Fight for someone who really deserves your sweat and tears, don't cry over someone who doesn't deserve you. 

Choose your priorities carefully, and make them happy. Surround yourself with positive people, who will tell you the truth plus criticize you whenever you need those slap-words and the ones that validate your feelings. The ones who tell you how precious you are and its okay to be different, its okay to be sad, its okay to be sarcastic and grumpy and cranky, its okay to be you and embrace it!

You know, it's okay not to be happy every time, you can't always control your feelings. You don't need to press yourself and try too hard to be/look happy. Its acceptable to cry alone in midnight and wish nobody knows how much you've been suffered, and also acceptable to cry in front of your besties and tell them how's your feelings. 

Please, learn to love yourself bit more than you love anyone else because at the end you need to consider your own happiness too. Don't rely your happiness to others, because you must be the one that you can rely on. Don't change yourself for anyone else, change yourself for the sake of your own happiness. You don't need to be as bright as social standards, be bright version of yourself. 

Read lots of books, educate yourself. Go discuss many things with someone smarter, you'll learn from the pros. Do many things you're into on with all your heart. If you love drawing go draw on your sketch books, if you love writing go write stories or make a blog, if you love singing go sing and make pretty melody, if you love photography go photograph things you like. Let your imagination free. 

Write your dreams on your wall and you need to work your ass off if you want to reach them, you can't be lazy and do nothing! 

Consider yourself lucky of many things you were born with some people maybe would kill for them but you're living your life with complaining "I don't have this brand". You need to remember, you don't need to spent all your money for shopping 'brand'. You'll learn later that good outfits can be put together with any budget and still look fashionably amazing. Anyway, please don't be lazy to wash your face and do skincare routine every-single-night, I know it takes time but your skin will thank me later. 


First Stop: Rio De Janeiro

I finally went to Malang's Kampung Warna-Warni (colourful village) and Kampung Tridi in Jodipan, after years living in Malang City I just visited it yesterday. Jodipan Village, aka Malang City's Rio De Janeiro, the place were pretty cool. You can see everything painted colourful and literally everything. You can take many pictures there, many beautiful spots. I'll give you more references so check this video https://youtu.be/uUFaHKBpDkA 

For more, just visit Kampung Warna – Warni (no kidding, this is recommended). The admission fee which is allocated for the maintenance is only Rp 2.000 (2000IDR) and Rp 2.500 (2500IDR). Only with that affordable money you can take lots of colourful selfie and bunch of colourful wefie with your mates.

I visited this place alone, I already asked my friend to accompany me but yeah she was kinda busy so yeah why not exploring some places by myself? A lady in tickets asked me, "are you alone?" with wondering gaze. Not only her, several visitors also looked at me with that gaze. But well, I'm fine with it. 


But guys, there are several things you need to consider when you visit here. My friends had some research here, and they were interviewing people here, people here are very welcome with all visitors but actually they're hampered with several things. 
For girls please watch your clothes, please don't wear too sexy clothes here as crop tank and hot pants, I know maybe the weather kinda hot but many underage children in this village, and parents here won't their child is copycating the way it looks. For boy (yes, I said boy because I know that a boy did sexual harassment to underage girls here), please don't do sexual harassment here. Sexual harassment only left many negative vibes for the victim, especially for underage child. And please be polite guys, not that difficult to smile at people here.

Top: Stradivarius
Yellow Skirt: ZARA
Socks: New Look
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Zalora
Bracelet: From Lombok
Earing: Accesorize

 Details Matter

That's all, so enjoy your time! 


Currently Me: Über Excited For Holiday!!

Hello, holiday! 
Finally my exams are done so I can enjoy my holiday!! Been passing hard two weeks with uncontrollably emotions and sleepless nights so I deserve a holiday, yay!! 
This holiday I want go somewhere, enjoy new things because I deserve it! I couldn't go anywhere last holiday because I was going for community service to Sampang, Madura. And probably next semester I'll take internship. So yeah.
My friend and I are discussing about place we'll travel this holiday. We haven't decided yet place I should travel. But, before I go to somewhere, I think I want to explore my city first, Malang. So guys, please drop me some place I can visit at Malang city (call me strange, but I haven't gone back home for so long time. So I don't know places I should go). Or give me recommendation where I should travel for this holiday (I prefer domestic)

Anyway, several of my friends are going for KKN (or community service for University CSR). Good luck for you all, guys. Stay safe and don't forget to enjoy every moment.

Inner withe top: Stradivarius 
Black tank: Forever21
Black skirt: H&M
White Heels: Charles and Keith 
Sunglasses: Cotton On
Watch: Hush Puppies

Currently me: über excited for holiday! 


Tourist for a Day

This year is my third year live in Surabaya. I thought I already explored this city (well, I'm good at exploring malls here), but the fact is I haven't explored many things yet. I usually don't have time to explore things, or my friends won't accompanied me (basically I don't have solo traveller's soul--so, explore some places by myself is a big thing for me).
So, before final exams come to me I decided to explore this city! Surabaya known as City of Hero, so this city has lots of history behind everything. My friend and I decided to explore old-city here, but our meeting point was at De Javasche Bank (aka Museum of Bank Indonesia).
Personally I love museum and old thing, so this place was pretty cool for me. I found many interesting things here. I learned about the history behind money here, history behind the building itself, and the old regulations here. 
We walked kilometers for shooting photos around old-city, talked about many things. About his crush, about my last relationship, about how college life, and other things. Surabaya was very hot, and surprisingly I enjoyed it! For girl who doesn't really like hot weather, I enjoyed these activities. Hunted photos, talked about many things, and walked at old-city.

I bought an analog camera, and it was my first time shot things with analog camera. It was pretty amazing and challenging. When I used digital camera, I can shoot many times I want, but with analog camera I must think again when I wanted to shoot objects AND best part of shooting with analog is making your heart pounding and you'll be wondering, are they good or are they bad? did I shoot the right objects? will they great as my expectations? And....(drum rolls) I shot 36 times (so it must be 36 photos) But, only 19 that isn't burned AND only less than 10 that perfect as I want. Honestly it quite sad, but what can I do? :(

I honestly want to make outfit looks with two concepts: first Parisian look (because I wore my favorite red barret hat) and second just traveller look alike. But honestly they don't have any difference, huh? What do you think, guys? 

Barret hat: Stradivarius 
White ruffle shirt:Stradivarius 
Striped pants: unbranded 
Sunglasses: Cotton On
Watch: Zalora 
Accessories: from Lombok
Tote bag: unbranded