Questions that Haunt You on Family Gathering at Eid Mubarak

It's Ramadhan! So you'll be getting closer with Eid Mubarak we call it as 'Victory Day's because we're strong enough for fasting around a month. Based on our culture, we'll be gathering with all families and just sharing stories about everything. 
From family gathering itself, we can get many things! Here I give you pros and cons of family gathering.

pros: we'll be getting know our family members better after sharing things, 
rebounding relationship between family member, most important and excited thing: pocket money from ones older than you. 

cons: your family will ask you tons of classic and sometimes annoying questions, with no mercy. Here I rate most common questions I get: as a girl how to handle it!

- Wah makin gendut ya sekarang. Naik berapa kilo? // wow you're getting fatter than before. How much your weight right now? 
Physical appearance is very important, and they know that you're changed! your weight, your hair style, even your pimples. Like seriously, they know things changed on you! 
how to handle it: "Well, I'm genuinely happy right now so yeah I'm getting fatter. Anyway, I love your clothes! Looks good on you! Where did you buy it?" My favorite trick is changing the topic, so s/he will talk about himself/herself.

- Gimana kuliahmu?// How's your college life? 
If you're a freshman year, this is the most common question. Feels like your whole family want to know about you survive in 'the real world', but honestly they want to know about your love story in college life. 
how to handle it: tell them about what you learned from your professor, completely. Just answer it with serious answer, and they'll leave you with nodded and "Oooh... "

- Gimana skripsimu?// How's your thesis? 
for senior year, your colleagues will ask you many times about your thesis like 'have you finished chapter 1? How about chapter 2?' they simply want to know, when will you graduate. Basically they ask this question because want to show their sympathy, but sometimes it can be kind of pressure and intimidation. 
how to handle it: answer it politely plus diplomatically like, "Yeah still on my progress. Please don't forget to support me, OK?"

- Udah punya pacar? kapan dikenalin? // Do you have a boyfriend? When will you introduce to us? 
This is a legend question, I mean my family members ask this since when I was on high school. Feels like they expect to have a boyfriend long time ago. But yeah, I think I can't accomplish their hope. 
how to handle it: I usually answer it with a big smile, "well, I don't have time for maintaining relationship because I need to finish my college first." usually they'll started to give me advice how important to have a potential boyfriend, but I don't really care because I know what I want. 

- Kapan nikah? // When will you married? 
This is one of a classic question too (but I haven't gotten this question--yet). But, I learned how family members asked it to my older sister continually. Usually this condition when you have a potential boyfriend, you already finished your college, or you have a great job based on your expertise. 
how to handle it: my sister usually answer, "Well, my boyfriend and I work our best to be better so we can make sure that our life will be better." Diplomatic and pleased everyone who heard that. 

Honestly, I completely understand that my family members just want to getting closer me so they ask several polite questions. But, sometimes make me (personally) uncomfortable and intimidated.


An Amateur Tips for Being Mature

Hello, fellas! sorry for missing in action (again). I've been passing through the hectic weeks, handled about tons of assignments and preparation for my thesis. I had no time for doing things I'm into on, because instead of reading or drawing or blogging I chose to sleep well. But,  finally I had time to take some shoots! Yeah! Quite difficult to arranged the schedule, but I made it! 

These shoots wasn't like my common outfit I wore. I looked more mature plus glimpse of classic touch here. So, here I give you an amateur tips for looked oh so mature based on these pictures:

1. Wear red lipstick. Red lipstick always has a great touch for you who want to look more mature and older than your actual age. Go find your right red lipstick and you're ready to run the world! And if someone mock you because of your red-hot-lipstick, go tell him/her "I'm ready to sip your blood for my perfect red lipstick!"

2. Black. Black kind of versatile colour, you can wear it literally in every occasions. From your daily look to formal look. To look mature means you need to stop wearing eye-catching colour as shocking pink, yellow stabilo, etc. BUT, for sure you can wear those colours for your shoes or bag and voila! you look mature plus fun! IF someone tell you that your shoes or bag is tacky, go punch him/her with your fun plus sarcastic words. 

3. Don't forget a statement accessories. Go bold with your statement accessories! I chose to wear a heaped pearl necklace for making vintage and classy at once! BUT, you can wear other accessories maybe bracelet or earrings.

4. Ethnic fabric for sure! No doubt, wearing batik, tenun or any ethnic fabric simply will give you touch of classic yet mature. That's why batik and tenun are best companion for your formal occasions.

Basically, being mature means you can take responsibilities from things you took before. Sure you can't victim blame others, if there's something wrong. Being mature about the way you act.

Anyway, I can't believe that today is D-day of Ramadhan. So yeah, happy fasting for you guys! 

p. s: Forget about my tips. You are you.  You can wear whatever you want, as long as those clothes make you happy and boost you confident. Because again, being mature about the way you think and act. 

Top: Zara
Bottom: A Piece of Batik Fabric 
Necklace: Online Shop

Pictures credit to: Simpang Candid Studio 



It was very difficult for me to embrace myself. I don't remember exactly when it was started. Umm, when I was on elementary school, I guess? Evey single member on my big family told me that I'm such a fat pig, and they started compare me with ms sister and my brother which was so much thinner than me. I know I know, it was a joke but, boom!! Voila! The main effect of those joke I never accepted myself. I mean, I often mocked myself in front of the mirror and told to myself how fat I am. I felt insecure of myself, everyone looks so pretty and thin, and look at me such a big-foot-girl. And yeah, I hate several part of my body (include my foot).

I felt more insecure when my family member started to criticized my appearance, not just about my fat body. They started to criticized my hair, my face, even my pimples. I did hate my hair, I remember when my brother yelled and point at me "Medusa" or "Bird's nest" he was too much about my curly hair. I think it was the reason why I straightened my hair. The fact, I often compared myself to the other when I crushed on somebody and ended with feeling inferior (maybe that's why difficult for me to get in relationship). And sadly, even if many of my friends told that I'm not fat just ideal weight (it was 48kg/160cm) but I still can't believe it.

(When I was freshman year college, I felt kind of freedom where I can whatever I want and no need to care about other thing because my family away. But the only way for healing myself was drawing, drawing about myself. That was the reason why I always keep myself as a muse of almost all pictures I made, I want to love myself. And from drawing, I can learn to love myself. No, I'm not self centered. This is just a kind of medicine for myself to accept me.

My friend just asked me to join her campaign about self-love and confidence embrace our body. I do really want to love myself and educate women about love their body because we deserve more love to ourselves. #loveyourself!!


Lombok: Beach Lover's Heaven

I visited Lombok when new year 2017 with my family. It was our first time family-moment on 2017. Quite difficult to made time together because all of us has our own schedule. I have two worked parents with different job, one occupied older sister, plus college student little brother (we're in different university). We made this schedule so sudden just D-2, when my mom called me "are you coming with us?" And I definitely said yes!!

First destination after we just arrived was Seger Beach. There was totally great and amazing!! No kidding I haven't seen that kind pretty beach before. The water was so blue (in many shades) and so clear as crystal, a little wave, a cradle in the midle of the sea so you can just swing and feel the summer breeze and water as bonus, plus super shiny day ( as I heard from my daddy's friend that Lombok was cloudy and sometimes rain lately--I guess we were lucky that time).
At the same day, we also went to Tanjung An beach. There was beautiful too, even my mom said that the Seger beach was prettier but still for me Tanjung An kind of great beach too! After visited those beaches we just went to the hotel beacuse I can even felt my bones are broken.

Here the details:
Top: Hammer
Skirt: Surfer Girl
Sunglasses: Cartier
Scarf: Vintage

Second day, we went to historical place like Mayura palace (I used term 'palace' because it used to meeting point for kings there) and one more historical place that I forget. Thosw places are quite cool for you who love historical place and will be quite boring for the one who doesn't really into (like my mom, I can't even know how many times she told us to move to the other place). After we visited those place, we went to Pandanan beach (yeah, beach again because everywhere is beach right here. I mean, when we ride somewhere we will see beach over and over again). Honestly this beach not that pretty as we visited before but still it was beach!

Here the details:
Ruffle top: Stradivarius
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Sling bag: Cocolyn, Zalora
Rings: New Look
Shoes/sandal: Rubi

Jeans top: Matahari Department Store
Skirt: Surfer Girl
Neck-piece: unbranded, actuallt it was bandana
Hat: from Lombok
Sunglasses: Cartier

Basically, third day same as days before we went to beaches again. But the best part here when I was trying to surf at Selong Belanak beach because why not testing your adrenaline hormones? I actually very afraid because I can't even swim! On this day was new year eve and there were thousands fireworks but I was too sleepy and yeah I decided to sleep early.

Last day! We just visited Sade Village, a cultural place plus tourism place. At this village, they sell their own handmade weave piece. People there whose 40 years old above can't speak in bahasa, plus they usually marry their own cousin. We just visited there a little while because didn't have much time here and we need to chase the airplane.
Being there even if just for a little moment, such an amazing experience and yeah my skin getting tanner but still I'm totally happy!