Quote of the Day

I know this sounds very naive and ordinary
But, believe me!

"When someone treat you bad and want to give revenge about all their did to you, slap them with previously unimaginable success. For those who insult you bite their own tongue"


Malisa Amalia 

Me Me Me

Hi all. Sorry for rarely upload a new post on my blog. Like I said before I'm very busy. I mean, these tasks (and of course this test) really made me mad. Craziest thing that shocked me was when I was studying and I get very bad grades in math. This really makes me stress. (this reason make me become a bad-very bad-blogger )

Therefore, to eliminate the stress I try to draw myself. Hey, did I tell you that I really like drawing?

 well, it was my first master piece. WDYT?

 and this my second

 it (still me)

 and can you guess who is he?


VBD = Very Busy Day(s)

Busy busy busy!!!!
I’m so busy guys! I have a lot of business, from the important thing till the silly one. From a mountain of assignment till some pieces of event which I really want to attend.
Finally I passed last week, because actually last week was very-very busy. I have to go take a course till night, woke up early for accompany my mom to go to market, a lot of assignment. Uff! Seriously, it was killing me slowly. But, fortunately last week I can go to “International Education Expo” from Alfalink at Santika Hotel. I went to that event with my lovely best ties, Amalia (pssstt…. We have a same name-Amalia)
I really want to study at Australia, I mean Deakin University. That’s one of the best universities there.
 watch : Hermes
red balzer : Simplicity
bag : Maika Etnik

sandals : Fladeo
jumpsuit : from my lovely aunty

 sorry for blur picture, my friend took it in hurry

 Can you guess what I got from that event, huh?  This mistery bag!
 this from Alfalink!
what I got there

actually I attended this event last week

thanks for Uzi, who took (almost) all my pictures