When I Were a Boy

Look a little different than you are used to? Why not?

Well, actually I want to try a little thing which is I never do before. A little changes on my style, a little sense of boyish. Now I just wanna think like a boy with their paradigm about girls. Sometimes women want to be understood in a way that is difficult to understand way by men, well c’mon girls!  Boys aren't a gypsy who knows everything on you mind. The boys need you to speak up what you want and don’t. But, the girls think that the boy must be known about every code that girls gave.

When the boys said “umm, I think you need to changes you attitude about….” Don’t be mad at him immediately, they said like actually for your own good. He won’t you are mocked by the other people. So, the girls must think about the boy’s suggestion. If it can changes you into the better one, why not? But for girl, if your boy too depresses you for become the other one, you have to be careful!

The boys prefer choose a girl with a nice attitude and smart with a face is not too pretty but still interesting ones, than a girl with beautiful face but her attitude isn't good and she isn't smart enough. So, for girls before you think about your outer beauty, better you show up you inner beauty first 


You May Call Me Red-Addict

            Red, red, red, red, and red again. Yeah, I’m addicted into red. I love red! Red success for making me look dazzling instantly and the plus thing is I will look hot too. Bahahaha, dazzling-casual and hot at once, why not? Love, love, love it! What do you think? well, I decided to wear this outfit for celebrate Lunar Chinese Year ;)