Hug Me Deeply in the Flower Paradise, Babe


here's my behind the scene selfie hoho

                One day my friend asked me for hunt some pictures with flower theme at her indoor room. and surely i join her for this rare moment. I mean we used to hunt at outdoor place with a bright light, my friend told me that she wanna study about lighting at photography. So I'm so glad can help her. Anyway, my other friend made my face become superrr amazing with her magic hand hoho. I love her make up. Both of them are amazing!! Anyway, just check their instagram @viprojectphoto


It's Halloween

Hi guys, how’s you Halloween? I’m pretty sure all of you have a great Halloween, not like me. You know, i spend my Halloween with thinking about my Motherfuckin midterm test-my lecture asked us to make a paper with 15 pages, it makes me so crazy. But thanks god, i can go home to Malang city at this weekend so at least i can at my home. Home sweet home. And finally i finish my paper so i can enjoy my weekend with movie marathon, yeay. Surely the horror one.
Anyway, my Halloween theme this year is Cat lady. what do you think?
Happy Halloween everybody!


A Moment To Remember

           Honestly i miss my childhood time, the cutest moment ever. i miss the adrenalin across me when i play everything in front of my eyes. The best memories that I've ever got, maybe my childhood moment.
          So i decided to flashback with my childhood moment. I really love this place. I miss this place

 with my lovely cousins


Baur Sedalu Komunikasi 2014 (BSK 2k14)

Have i ever told you that i’m a communication departement’s student at Airlangga University Surabaya? Big thanks to my Lord to give me chance so i can study at this place, and after i joined BSK  now i’m officially Commers UA *yeay*

Well, apa itu BSK? BSK adalah ospek jurusan yang diadakan oleh departemen komunikasi untuk mempererat tali persaudaraan serta networking seluruh keluarga besar komunikasi Universitas Airlangga.

I used to think that every ospek was so damn frighten. But, BSK is different (fyi no pressing here-something that i look for), it was so amazing. We laugh, we share, we enjoy, we love it! Well, i’m pretty sure this pictures will tell more.


Out Of the Blue

                                             here's the detail of my outfit, babe...

One day he came to you
he isn't a prince
but he has smile and bravery as a prince
and hell yeah he makes you smile after long time you've never did it

he makes you smile again
he makes you feel like fly away
he makes you out from bird cage
he makes you happy

...... here's some poetry which i made when i was on junior high school. so funny, right? lol!


The Cute(st) Part of Me

                Cute? Yes, cute! Please don’t call me a narcissistic person, because I tell you the truth. Yeah, I’m a cute girl, very cute girl………. When I was kindergarten. Well, yesterday I found my mini-album which is full of my photo when I was child. That’s soooo much cute, and I quite miss my old memories. Huhuuu… I just keep wondering how a cute-adorable-girl like on that photos can be a freak-foolish-girl as now?

                Well, I’ll show you my old photos. Enjoy it, and please don’t be shock!

                As I told you, I was a kind of cute girl huhuu