I'm into Kebaya

Many people say that the kebaya is very boring and out of date. But I think it is very beautiful kebaya. Kebaya is a fashion legacy of ancestors that contain a lot of sense. Ranging from the value of art, morals, traditions and cultures merged into one.

Ancient women really like to use the kebaya because it symbolizes elegance and attractiveness of a woman.

Maybe there are some that look outmoded kebaya, but if we combine it with the right, then so be a beautiful costume.

hello miss sunshine!

 play with shadow

i'm in narcis mode

dress : from my sister
kebaya : a legacy  at this post
wedges : connexion
star tight : DIY

anyway sorry for bad quality of pictures :(


Last Long Weekend

                 Yeah, finally I got a little time for take a break from a crazy activity. Run away from the noisy from my city. You know, even my city isn’t big enough as Jakarta, Bandung, or the other big city at Indonesia, but my city is good enough to make me crazy. And I often heard that Jakarta is a kind of busy-noisy-crazy city, I can’t imagine if I live at Jakarta huh.

            Last week I got long weekend, such as a tremendous blessing for me, I can enjoy my time well with my family and surely with my best friend also. So I decided to go to some field which is so far away from the heart of the city with my best ties, for refresh our mind and surely take some pictures J actually it was so difficult to find a nice place with a nice air, and a nice scenery nowadays, because you know so many residences build here, so I must turned around the place until 30 minutes to found ‘it place’

hmmm, really soothing air

 red hat : Amalia's
necklace : DIY
batik : Jogja
bag : Dowa
wedges : Radici 
bangles : random store

 me, from my back. so, which is better?

 this is AMALIA

a kind of dancing grass

 tremendously beautiful right?

                     anyway, the motif this batik is same as my last post


(Late) Batik Day!!

                Hello hello it’s October! Still wondering how can time ruins sooooo fast. And at the beginning of October last, which is 1 October yesterday. Batik day!! I always have a thing about batik, in fact I wondered why so many peoples don’t like wear batik.  In my view, batik is cool. Don’t you think it’s amazing we wear batik with the details are quite complicated. And surely for me batik isn’t just a piece of fabric. Batik also describe about beauty, art, technique, elegance, history, culture, and the combination of the various components of a very beautiful and attractive printed on a piece of fabric which is very pretty.

                 Batik also can define our identity, Indonesian person. It reminds me of the vintage Indonesian ladies back in the old days, and it makes me feel pretty and timeless. Actually batik is a kind of timeless fashion. I mean, as we know that batik has been around a long time, and many people use it. And even now is still a trend. Batik was also used to identify someone's social status. Because of the complexity in the making, it became so classy & expensive that some of Batik motives can only be worn by the royal family. 

I heard for some people say that “if you can’t buy an international designer pieces, at least buy the local product.” And I absolutely agree with that statement, from economical side batik more friendly on the pocket than the other international product which is very expensive. But still as beautiful as international product. So even though it’s late, Happy Batik Day, people! Wear it and be proud of it. :)

one of my favorite motif :))