Summer Paradise

                      Before i  go back to the reality, one of my best friends asked me to go to beaches. Well, Malang city is well known as the city with amazing beaches. So I decided to visit them, we went from 8 a.m and we arrived at 11.20, ugh it was not-really-good because I used a motorcycle which-was-not-really-comfy. But we haven’t any choice, we didn’t use a car cause we didn’t have a driver.

                      But I was really glad, because the beaches was REALLY AMAZING!! Actually our destination was three colours beach-Pantai Tiga Warna, but before we enjoyed that beach, we past four other beaches with the guide. And I just speechless cause again, IT WAS TREMENDOUSLY AMAZING!! Seriously, summer breeze touch our face, sun kissed skin, sound of wave, sunglasses on our nose and laugh with friends.