Ruffling my day : style inspiration

picture from : tumblr

I think I really hate this day! When I was really excited to go to school today, I got an abdominal pain. it was ruffling my day at all. like a crazy I have to go to bathroom over and over again. Such as a big deal for me.
You know, now I'm in third grader of high school. I have must to be more focus to study well.
Anyway, from this day I have a little inspiration, yeah it's RUFFLE. I always love ruffle style which so romantic and easy to mix. I found that picture from tumblr, and guess what I love them!!


Playground Moment

I’m totally hanged over! After 3 weeks spent (almost) all my time for holiday (I mean having date with my bed). My brain goes shocked because at the first day at school I have a biology experiment tasks. Sigh! First day at school always be a beautiful nightmare for me. Beautiful moment when I meet all my favorite friends and a nightmare when your killer teacher horrified gives a mountain of task.

                So I decide to make myself break (again) for a little moment. Go to the next city such as a nice choice and enjoy the playground there!
hello, Batu! Are you ready for playing around?

unwittingly my lovely-friend took this picture

 jean dress : from my sister 
flannel shirt : corniche
 grey flat shoes : fladeo
orange ribbon : bunga

hey, look my back!

flowery hat : from my mom 
 flowered bag : a treasure from my childhood
 crown ring : stroberi
 friendship brecelet : stroberi

take a rest for a moment, hufh!

         let's ride this Ferris wheel!

                                                              picture by : Cyntya Thalia
                                                              big thanks for her xoxo


Barbie's Dream

Heeeeeyyy!!! It’s a first article of my blog (well actually it’s my first blog also, but I won’t anybody call me ’jadul-person’ :p )

Yesterday I watched my favorite movie (or maybe almost all the girls around the world have watched it) yeah it’s BARBIE, that’s Barbie: Princess Charm School. Please don’t be shocked, even I almost get my 17’s birthday cake I still in love with that awesome movie. Barbie movie is too magical to be hated, you know. I love the story-line which is incredible enough, but the main reason why I like that movie is I love their quotes.

Barbie: Princess Charm School (2011)
"There is a princess in every girl."

Barbie: Princess Charm School (2011)
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

Okay, I love that quotes sooo much. You know sometimes when someone else just mocking you, they told you that you’re a kind of bizarre who really love dancing and when a sudden you hear the music your body will dancing naturally, or maybe people around you called ‘nuts girl’ because you have a different sense of fashion. Oh c’mon, so what if you’re a dancing machines girl or a young Alexander McQueen.

The things that you must to remember are be confident in everything that you put. They can’t make you feel underestimated except you let them underestimate you. REMEMBER! YOU’RE A PRINCESS,YOU'RE SPECIAL . They have no right to treat you like that; you deserve get better than a bad thing.

Just do all the thing that you want (as long as in the right thing) and be BOLD :))