I Call it Romance

            Yeah, round skirt is very dazzling nowadays. Well, actually I love it since laaaaaassst time ago. So much love it, it looks very nice with my body and my-big-leg. I can get casual and glamour looks at once, and for romance look I can give my broken-white-vintage vest. Some of roses make me look better. Romantic, casual, and glamour at one. That’s so much cool.

            Anyway, why did I call it romantic? Yeah, every component which I wear is romantic. Red is the colour of love, lace effect also make it looks romantic and rose, well I swore you know what the meaning of rose is.

I'm in love with you, Rose

why not, take some picture with barefoot? ;)

I'm really busy this month, I'll past practical-test, and many try out (I'm a third-grade-student)
wish me cam past it well
surely hopefully I can get the best score :)


Yeay! New Year is Coming!!

            Hi all! This is my first post at this new year. Oh my god, the time ruins so fast. I’m not realizing that we already past New Year again, meanwhile I still feel the old-year atmosphere. I still can’t reach many things on my list at last year. Well, probably I just reach some on my wish-list, but actually a lot of disappointments crept to my mind. Many question turn around my mind, why I did spend many time for do something unnecessary? Why I can’t use the time efficiently? And actually I little bit disappointed with myself now. That’s true when people said “disappointment always come late”

            So for the next year, I really hope and surely I’ll take the big efforts to reach my goal. And for all of you, do something efficiently for the next year. And surely do something better, better and better than the past.

anyway, if you really wanna know about me, you may ask me here :)
happy new year 2014 everybody!!