Let It Go

Hi! Finally I passed all the crazy amount of assignments. Been a hard week, luckily I can passed it as well. Not only about assignments, I talk about letting people go.

Honestly the reason why last year been a difficult year cause I couldn't let someone go. We used to be together, shared many secrets, talked about desires and passions and designed our future. Then, bam! I did a huge mistake and I lost everything. Everything means him. He used to be my partner of every-single-thing. I mean, he was my full-time best friend, my old brother, my enemy, my supporter and part-time lover. Took not a little while for accepting all the reality, especially when he found his new lover. Now seems like, she's all his world. No, I'm not jealous (well, frankly little bit), as his friend I support him for every paths he chose and as his ex I hope I'm his one of thousands great memories. After all of these,  no more justification or validation. I only need to close the box, and start to walk away and live my life. 

Anyway, my friend and I just visited to Rumah Opa at Malang city and I think this place kind of recommended place for enjoying your time with friends. The ambience was great with many vintage stuffs decorate it. My friend and I ordered 'chicken cordon bleu' and it was good with reasonable price. I think when you come to Malang City, you can visit here!

P.s: I'll be MIA (Missing In Action) cause I'll be somewhere far from my device for blogging cause I must show my academic dedication to my university. So see you next month! 

Top: vintage
Skirt: H&M
Necklace: Vintage
Watch: Zalora
Bag: Brother Jack, Jack Michael Saffiano, Zalora
Shoes: Lawrensia, Matahari Dept. Store