Monochrome Summer

lemme dance, yeah! my face at this picture quite funny right?

Summer maybe known as super colourful season where you can wear eye catching clothes, but why not trying something monochrome at this summer? So yeah, I tried to match my monochrome clothes at one outfit. What do you think?

top: Matahari Department Store
skirt: Magnolia, a gift from my friend
bag: Zalora, Bagtitude
heels: Vince Camuto


Pattern X Pattern

 This is holiday!! So it’s time for taking a breath and put my hair down before next (exhausting) semester. And it must be summertime, but sadly sometimes at Malang City was rain (and even heavy rain plus thunder). So yeah, mostly I just laying on my bed rolling under the blanket cause of the freaking cold weather, or maybe just making the new paintings.

 At this summer style I decided to wear pattern on pattern with colourfull items. I really fond of something colourfull and sometimes something oldi-sh or kind of boyish. So that’s why maybe for the next outfit I’ll wear something old-ish or maybe surprisingly boyish. Cause of those kinds of my favorite style, I still can’t determine which style I am so I’ll post any style which try! Hehe.

colourfull shirt: Matahari Department Store
skirt: Candie's
clutch: Mango
heels: Payless, Fioni



 my favorite clutch


I really in love with the detail of this flower!  

For welcoming this super long holiday, my family and I went to Selecta, Batu. It took around an hour to go there from our house. I asked them to go there because there were a lot of flowers, yes I ‘m a huge fans of flowers. But sadly, there were a lot of people go there also so it was very-very crowded. And I can’t even enjoyed it, because too many human. So, I can’t took many good photos there and I just got dizzy there. But, luckily I got some photos cause I asked brother thousand times to took a picture of me. So here they are.
Some of you maybe wondering, how can it be I wore two kind of bag at once—clutch and the hand bag. Well I inspired this style from korean drama, The Time We Were in Love. I really love the main character (women) style because she was very fashionable and elegant at once!!

broken white blouse : Zara
inner: unbranded--I wore it cause I went with my family
cullotes: just found it
red clutch: Mango
hand bag: Bagtitude, Zalora
shoes: Vince Camuto