Pattern X Pattern

 This is holiday!! So it’s time for taking a breath and put my hair down before next (exhausting) semester. And it must be summertime, but sadly sometimes at Malang City was rain (and even heavy rain plus thunder). So yeah, mostly I just laying on my bed rolling under the blanket cause of the freaking cold weather, or maybe just making the new paintings.

 At this summer style I decided to wear pattern on pattern with colourfull items. I really fond of something colourfull and sometimes something oldi-sh or kind of boyish. So that’s why maybe for the next outfit I’ll wear something old-ish or maybe surprisingly boyish. Cause of those kinds of my favorite style, I still can’t determine which style I am so I’ll post any style which try! Hehe.

colourfull shirt: Matahari Department Store
skirt: Candie's
clutch: Mango
heels: Payless, Fioni