An Amateur Tips for Being Mature

Hello, fellas! sorry for missing in action (again). I've been passing through the hectic weeks, handled about tons of assignments and preparation for my thesis. I had no time for doing things I'm into on, because instead of reading or drawing or blogging I chose to sleep well. But,  finally I had time to take some shoots! Yeah! Quite difficult to arranged the schedule, but I made it! 

These shoots wasn't like my common outfit I wore. I looked more mature plus glimpse of classic touch here. So, here I give you an amateur tips for looked oh so mature based on these pictures:

1. Wear red lipstick. Red lipstick always has a great touch for you who want to look more mature and older than your actual age. Go find your right red lipstick and you're ready to run the world! And if someone mock you because of your red-hot-lipstick, go tell him/her "I'm ready to sip your blood for my perfect red lipstick!"

2. Black. Black kind of versatile colour, you can wear it literally in every occasions. From your daily look to formal look. To look mature means you need to stop wearing eye-catching colour as shocking pink, yellow stabilo, etc. BUT, for sure you can wear those colours for your shoes or bag and voila! you look mature plus fun! IF someone tell you that your shoes or bag is tacky, go punch him/her with your fun plus sarcastic words. 

3. Don't forget a statement accessories. Go bold with your statement accessories! I chose to wear a heaped pearl necklace for making vintage and classy at once! BUT, you can wear other accessories maybe bracelet or earrings.

4. Ethnic fabric for sure! No doubt, wearing batik, tenun or any ethnic fabric simply will give you touch of classic yet mature. That's why batik and tenun are best companion for your formal occasions.

Basically, being mature means you can take responsibilities from things you took before. Sure you can't victim blame others, if there's something wrong. Being mature about the way you act.

Anyway, I can't believe that today is D-day of Ramadhan. So yeah, happy fasting for you guys! 

p. s: Forget about my tips. You are you.  You can wear whatever you want, as long as those clothes make you happy and boost you confident. Because again, being mature about the way you think and act. 

Top: Zara
Bottom: A Piece of Batik Fabric 
Necklace: Online Shop

Pictures credit to: Simpang Candid Studio