A Moment To Remember

           Honestly i miss my childhood time, the cutest moment ever. i miss the adrenalin across me when i play everything in front of my eyes. The best memories that I've ever got, maybe my childhood moment.
          So i decided to flashback with my childhood moment. I really love this place. I miss this place

 with my lovely cousins


Baur Sedalu Komunikasi 2014 (BSK 2k14)

Have i ever told you that i’m a communication departement’s student at Airlangga University Surabaya? Big thanks to my Lord to give me chance so i can study at this place, and after i joined BSK  now i’m officially Commers UA *yeay*

Well, apa itu BSK? BSK adalah ospek jurusan yang diadakan oleh departemen komunikasi untuk mempererat tali persaudaraan serta networking seluruh keluarga besar komunikasi Universitas Airlangga.

I used to think that every ospek was so damn frighten. But, BSK is different (fyi no pressing here-something that i look for), it was so amazing. We laugh, we share, we enjoy, we love it! Well, i’m pretty sure this pictures will tell more.