Count Down

            Still can’t believe that new year less than a week! Time is running too fast, I feel like yesterday I passed the 2013-new-year. And less than a week more I’ll pass 2014-new-year. You know, my mom changed her mind, she told me that we’ll go to her village (my parent’s village) that’s nice! You know I miss the atmosphere of the village, I miss the breeze which touches my face softly. I’m not patient enough to go there. And hopefully, my mom doesn’t change her mind again.

and, happy holiday everyone!
hopefully you get an amazing holiday! :D 


Flower Sheer

“Flower? Again?”

Yes, you may think like that. Flower again? Bahahaha, I love flower. That’s the reason why I often wear that kind of items, flowery clothes. For me flower is one of the beautiful things around this world.

Flower can describe the beauty of the girls. Like a mosaic, so many different kind of flower at this world. But if you see it in the right point of view that will be ah-may-zing!! And the girls are different, we have the own beauty. And I thought that flowery clothes are a couple of black sheer. I love it, and what do you think?


Break the Brick

                 Oooh, I miss blogging so much!! I miss write something on my mind. And actually I was surprising because some of you spend you limited time for visit my blog. Thank you very much guys, that's mean a lot for me :)) I will do better :)

                Anyway, I think I broke my bone; I need to take my me-time which I can enjoy. And I thought taking pictures with brick-background never be the wrong choice. I love the brick because that’s look nice without any too-much editing.

                You may think that took (so many) pictures are tiring, and… yes it is. But that was pretty nice for me. I like it. I like being a photographer, but become the object is more WOW!!

anyway, my friend told me that I'm like a devil. isn't it?

vintage watch : gift from Cyntya
broken white-knit : gift from Adhinta
vintage coat : my mommy's
fur necklace : Amalia's online shop
shoes : Doc Mart


High School Madness

White sleeve, short tartan skirt, long socks, semi-curly hair and short bangs.

That does remind me of 80’s high school style. And I think it will be cool if there’s a blazer. It will be complete.
            Well, actually I was interested in the fact that uniform since I was in elementary school. And I was dreaming that someday I can wear that kind of cool uniform. But in Indonesia, the school which has that kind of uniform only private school. Huuh, I think I want to enter a private school for knowing how it feels to wear that cool uniform. But my mommy doesn’t agree with it. So welcome back my old-life.

 white sleeves + tartan skirt : vintage from my mum
watch : Hermes
belt : Bally

sorry for blur picture, my brother took this picture with no sincerity 

which one do you like, with my round glasses or without it?

 loafer shoes : Triset
magic-book-clutch : DIY
round glasses : random store

both are DIY

Anyway, maybe for two weeks later I will not post anymore
because I'll so much busy for preparing my final exam at this semester
I'll post as soon as possible after I past all the exam ;)