Welcome To Your New Home, Dahlin!

                Hey, I have a newcomer on my rack, what a great boot! I was fall in love in a very first sight with this lovely boot! Actually with a whim I asked my mom bought these boot a few weeks ago, and unbelievable my mom bought it for me. It like a miracle my mom bought it for me, because I know my mom doesn't like her lovely-baby-girl wears a strange outfit. She teaches me well to be (too) normal, and actually sometimes I hate it. Become (too) normal is boring you know.
Hello dahlin!

                And guess what, when I tried that lovely boot, my mommy got so shocked. She told me like that I’m like a farmer. Oh, c’mon mom it’s too cool to be called as a farmer’s shoes. So I decide to combine my old stuff on my cupboard to show to my mom that I’m not look like a farmer.

 Hey mom, I'm ready!

 top : vintage from my grannie 
denim skirt : from my sista
brown bolero : Zahra

 By the way, did I cut my bangs too short?

And, do I look like a farmer?

Ain't I'm too cool to be called a farmer?

shoes : Doc Martens
Bag : my childhood treasure and i wore it at this post
watch : Hermes

Thank you for my mommy who took (almost) all the picture


I Can Feel It

There are millions of inspirations toward my brain; my brain seemed to explode due to the inspiration of millions of 'disturbing my life', they were like screamed to me “please make us come true. You’ll never regret it”
Oh come on, I'm sorry my inspiration; I cannot touch you because my teacher gave me too much assignment and surely I must finish the task immediately.
But yesterday, finally my friend and I were able to make them available to the best fabric store in my town (according to my opinion and my mother). Yeah it’s CITRA!!! I love this place a lot, nice place to shop many fabric it’s surely it’s easy to find a kind of fabric that you want, and the most important thing for a student as me is the price is pretty cheap with a good quality than I buy at the market.

 Hello, Citra!!
Welcome to Citra

On the same boat, besides that good thing, I’d like to tell you a little minus thing from this store. I little bit cranky with the waitress because they served me soo long time, they looked like ignoring me-yeah at that time I wore my awful school uniform. Then what, I’m a customer also, right? I deserve to be served better as the other.  And one again, I slightly hate that place is no one queue there! I still remember well when I wanted to pay my fabric to the casher; a woman break thought the queue and magically she was in front of me, she supposed to be behind me, it’s not fair you know. 
So, for Citra Fabric store better if you pay attention a little thing like that for the convenience of visitors. Thanks