Welcome To Your New Home, Dahlin!

                Hey, I have a newcomer on my rack, what a great boot! I was fall in love in a very first sight with this lovely boot! Actually with a whim I asked my mom bought these boot a few weeks ago, and unbelievable my mom bought it for me. It like a miracle my mom bought it for me, because I know my mom doesn't like her lovely-baby-girl wears a strange outfit. She teaches me well to be (too) normal, and actually sometimes I hate it. Become (too) normal is boring you know.
Hello dahlin!

                And guess what, when I tried that lovely boot, my mommy got so shocked. She told me like that I’m like a farmer. Oh, c’mon mom it’s too cool to be called as a farmer’s shoes. So I decide to combine my old stuff on my cupboard to show to my mom that I’m not look like a farmer.

 Hey mom, I'm ready!

 top : vintage from my grannie 
denim skirt : from my sista
brown bolero : Zahra

 By the way, did I cut my bangs too short?

And, do I look like a farmer?

Ain't I'm too cool to be called a farmer?

shoes : Doc Martens
Bag : my childhood treasure and i wore it at this post
watch : Hermes

Thank you for my mommy who took (almost) all the picture

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