Vice Versa

I really like explore vintage style lately (you can see my posts) and I really enjoy it(I mean I enjoy the challenge I for getting vintage dress, because looking for perfect vintage dress kind of difficult, uh?) . Some of friends told I look great with vintage style because I has classic face(?) Maybe they mean round-face(read: chubby face) which is remaining them with old Europeans lady self-portrait (please don't call me self narcissistic, because when I went to Bandung some people called me 'Dutch's doll' or known as old porcelain). Honestly, I can't distinguish between compliment or even disdain.

Anyway at this post is kind of my vice versa of mature vintage which I usually posted before. I'd like to show you my young vintage style here. What do you think?

Hat: Stradivarius 
Dress: vintage 
Sock: unbranded 
Shoes: Rodhe



Finally!! I already passed the midterm exam so I can put my hair down for a little while. I can't say I'm fully energized after all the 'midterm exams bullets' because how can I say 'I am fine' after one oral test (I mean I learn a half book for this test and all I get was one oral question), several take home tests (make papers and video), and sit in test?? Well sorry, I don't mean that I don't like study, I just need to take a rest for a while but all of these test like never ending story, uh? Because after midterm exam, everything comes normal (red: wake up in the morning and be ready for lessons).

So I just wanna look so serious for this post. What do you thing abouy my classic-serious concept? 

Dress: vintage
Bag: vintage 
Watch: Rolex
Necklace: Valencia
Sunglasses: Cartier