Hang Out at Djati Lounge

I can't believe that next week I'll be face the reality again because I'll start to go to college again. Well yeah, I'm bored because this holiday was too long (and mostly I spend with sleep, eat and spend much money), but in other hand I'm afraid of facing the next semester because it will be difficult and tiring—well seniors said it over and over again.
So I decided to meet up with my high school friend at Djati Lounge. The place was very cozy plus the scenery of a pool and a golf field with palms tree was amazing too. The indoor place was great too with some Javanese decorations and the service of this place was great. The food was very beautiful they know well how to garnish food perfectly but, the taste of the food not that good for me.
So if you want to enjoy your time with your friends or your partner or maybe family, you may come to Djati Lounge.
Anyway we ordered just little meal because we wanted to eat (again)
 At other place so we eat many foods a day (no wonder I’m getting fatter at this holiday, uh?)


(Not) A Blue Summer

You may be feeling blue this summer.
But oh, Daisy you can put pink or violet if you want.
The sand embrace you gently.
The wave will tell you the greatest story from the fishes. 
And listen the zephyr whisper to you about his secret.
You're not alone, Daisy.

Do you love me?, I ask you—slowly.
Only two probabilities, love me or sadly no.
I'm waiting for your answer. 
But, you always choose to smile rather than answer my question verbally. 
When I want to see the truth on your eyes—as always, you put your sunglasses on.
I know you're hiding something.

I've been so anxious lately. I thought it would over on several days. But, it came more a month if I'm not mistaken. I don't know, at noon everything is fine but when I wake up and when I want to sleep, I feel empty and I can't sleep easily. It takes around one or two hour(s) plus several songs to finally I can sleep. I don't know I just feel so insecure and it was like anything crashed on my mind. 
So I decided to go to beach, cause maybe it could make me more relax and calm. I just think, we deserve to be happy and don't forget to be happy!

Oversized shirt: My father's
White tank: unbranded
Ripped hot pants: Magnolia
Watch: Zalora
Bracelet: Youniq
Rings: New Look


Kiss the Wind

I heard the song my favorite music box song tonight.
Woke me up from my absurd dreams.
My friend, wind fairy told me that you’ve been gone.
Suddenly I jumped. Impossible.
In fact the trees in northeast convey the message that you have stepped away.

My friend, wind fairy told me I can catch you up.
Return you back to live in the heart of the forest, our home.
My friend said that the wind will lead me to find you.
So I picked your favorite colour, black.
So you can recognize me instantly when we meet.
I know I know.
This trip will take a long time.
But don’t worry darling.

I will be there.

turtleneck: uniqlo
scarf: gift from my friend
white purse: Zalora-Cocolyn
skirt: my mom's
shoes: vince camuto


From Paris Van Java to Batavia

This holiday my friend and I decided to go to Paris Van Java (Bandung) just visited my friend there, because I haven’t been there yet before. Yes, I had class vacation when I was on junior high school but my parent didn’t let me go. And it was my first time I went vacation for quite long time (around four days) without my parents. My parents never let me go before, they had so much worry about me (a girl who travel alone—yes they’re a kind of conservative parents).

We decided to go to many places at Bandung and then we went Jakarta (Batavia) and sure we had so much fun at those places. Well, cause of I’m afraid you’ll be bored cause I type a long story I decided to post many photos.

day one
we walked from KAA (Konferensi Asia Afrika) Museum to alun-alun Bandung and braga street just because I really wanted to be Bandung's pedestrian. ugh, shallow huh? but seriously, Bandung ambiance was perfect to pedestrian. and we ate so much, but I didn't took many pictures because I just too hungry to took pictures first. hehe. 

day two
we went at Tahura (Taman Hutan Raya) because honestly we wanted to come at Amour Cafe plus enjoying fresh nature so yeah we went there for it and surely taking much photos. hehe. after we went there we moved at Ngorean Cafe to eat (again) because at Amour Cafe we haven't full yet. hehe.

day three
we went to Jakarta and we decided to go to Museum Nasional Indonesia because we never gone there so yeah. new experience, right? anyway, I just realized that my friend's house was so ethnic and catchy, right?