Hang Out at Djati Lounge

I can't believe that next week I'll be face the reality again because I'll start to go to college again. Well yeah, I'm bored because this holiday was too long (and mostly I spend with sleep, eat and spend much money), but in other hand I'm afraid of facing the next semester because it will be difficult and tiring—well seniors said it over and over again.
So I decided to meet up with my high school friend at Djati Lounge. The place was very cozy plus the scenery of a pool and a golf field with palms tree was amazing too. The indoor place was great too with some Javanese decorations and the service of this place was great. The food was very beautiful they know well how to garnish food perfectly but, the taste of the food not that good for me.
So if you want to enjoy your time with your friends or your partner or maybe family, you may come to Djati Lounge.
Anyway we ordered just little meal because we wanted to eat (again)
 At other place so we eat many foods a day (no wonder I’m getting fatter at this holiday, uh?)

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