Kiss the Wind

I heard the song my favorite music box song tonight.
Woke me up from my absurd dreams.
My friend, wind fairy told me that you’ve been gone.
Suddenly I jumped. Impossible.
In fact the trees in northeast convey the message that you have stepped away.

My friend, wind fairy told me I can catch you up.
Return you back to live in the heart of the forest, our home.
My friend said that the wind will lead me to find you.
So I picked your favorite colour, black.
So you can recognize me instantly when we meet.
I know I know.
This trip will take a long time.
But don’t worry darling.

I will be there.

turtleneck: uniqlo
scarf: gift from my friend
white purse: Zalora-Cocolyn
skirt: my mom's
shoes: vince camuto


  1. Love the sweater<3 so cute!

    do u wanna follow each other? let me know<3