Gili Labak Made Me Crazy

            Wow it was a long time i’m MIA (Missing In Action). I really miss this blog, so i decided to write again on this blog.
As we know that Indonesia is kind of pretty country. You can find many beautiful creature here, we have marvelous beach, the great mountain, beautiful savannahs, and many more. Several weeks ago I went to Gili Labak Island at Sumenep, Madura, which was very beautiful island. To reach that place was quite difficult cause we should go to Sumenep city first, and then crossed the sea that took around two and a half hours from Kalianget Port. Ugh, it was a long journey, but when I just arrived to the island, I will never ever getting regret. Cause the island was very beautiful!!!

(p.s I sent my journey trip at detik.com and luckily they posted. Enjoy http://travel.detik.com/read/2015/05/25/151000/2918004/1025/tak-hanya-lombok-madura-juga-punya-gili-yang-eksotis )