Oh, It's Time!!

Unbelievable!! Today midterm exam is starting! Time flies so fast, huh? The lecturers seems like strike me with tons of task. Well, wish me luck for midterm exam, huh? *cross fingers*

P.s: anyway, I will not blogging  untill I pass the midterm exam. Wish me luck ok?

Jeans dress: Exit, Matahari Dept. Store
Bag: vintage
Scarf as headband: vintage
Necklace: Valencia
Shoes: Vince Camuto


Bitter Truth Covered by Sweet Lies

Let me ask you,
How many times you sob silently in the middle of night?
How many times you give your best fake smile to your friends?
How many times you tell the world you're fine?
How many times you pretend everything will be fine?
And now, are you okay?
I called my friend last night. I need some stupid talk just before finally I fell asleep. We talked about many things, about my life currently about hers too. And I told to her about my current anxiety and she asked me "are you okay?"
"Am I okay?" I asked to myself. 
The answer hang in my tongue, "Surely I'm fine."
But deep inside I know, I'm not that fine even if I try hard to spell over and over again that I'm perfectly fine.
Several days ago, I got a question from ask.fm "what is better: bitter truth or sweet lies?". For me, this is a kind of bitter truth covered by sweet lies.

White lace top (inner): N.y.L.a
Flowery dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Bag: Vintage
Choker: DIY



This semester is super tiring. I can't even sleep well at this semester. Mountain of tasks and presentations every week drive me crazy. My antibody can't even hold any virus because I'm too tired so I often drop off this semester (I mean I only walk in around 4 weeks but I'm sick two times??).
This semester really something. Kind of stressful day, so yeah I draw many things for stress reliever.
I decided to put 'painter' as a title just because my uncle told me once "you look like a painter" well maybe it because of a hat I wore. Sounds shallow but I got inspiration than. Hehe.
Anyway, for other drawings you can visit my ig @malisamalia

What do you think about my artworks? 

Hat: Stradivarius 
Inner tank: unbranded
Oversized shirt: Daddy's
Blue-light jeans: Old Guess
Shoes: Adidas
Choker: DIY
Bag: from Emina's workshop 
Watch: Zalora