This semester is super tiring. I can't even sleep well at this semester. Mountain of tasks and presentations every week drive me crazy. My antibody can't even hold any virus because I'm too tired so I often drop off this semester (I mean I only walk in around 4 weeks but I'm sick two times??).
This semester really something. Kind of stressful day, so yeah I draw many things for stress reliever.
I decided to put 'painter' as a title just because my uncle told me once "you look like a painter" well maybe it because of a hat I wore. Sounds shallow but I got inspiration than. Hehe.
Anyway, for other drawings you can visit my ig @malisamalia

What do you think about my artworks? 

Hat: Stradivarius 
Inner tank: unbranded
Oversized shirt: Daddy's
Blue-light jeans: Old Guess
Shoes: Adidas
Choker: DIY
Bag: from Emina's workshop 
Watch: Zalora

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