Fall Winter Inspiration Dress Up

          Imperceptibly very cold rainy season has come to pierce my bones. While I love the summer should be prepared this winter wind chill. And actually I hate this season, because I do not have the right clothes for this season. If winter comes I look more like a cocoon than humans. Uuh, I hate it. all of this because she does not ever want to buy warm clothes, so I would look like a very sick man with a very old-fashioned stacked sweaters and miserable sweatpants!

          I'm pretty sure a lot of girls who suffer the same fate with me (looks miserable when winter comes) and therefore, I suggest some cool outfit to accompany your winter.

          I purposely chose a few options for you depending on your personality. For you who are like to be the center of attention, then simply go crazy with neon, neon will make you shine and everyone will turn to you. While you who like something simple but still interesting tartan motif cool there for you. For you who like the softness and not too flashy but still interesting, the soft pastel is perfect for you. And for you who like smelling rock and a little tomboyish, gray plus a very cool ripped jeans for you.

Motivation For Keep Blogging

          I'm pretty sure if a lot of people who feel very tired or lazy to write a blog. Uh oh, I'd never feel it. Throughout the fall and my bones feel lazy to open up the laptop and start writing something in my brain. But on the other hand I want to present something through writing something cool to write on the blog.
          But a few days ago I found an interesting picture that makes me on fire instantly. I hope you can see the fire on this picture

          Well, actually look at this picture makes me a little excited to write a blog. How not? cool guy seemed to say as it to you. And surely I'll write a blog enthusiastically!!

Ain't a Scary G(H)OST

           GOST is my class name. That’s from Generation of Science Two. Yes, I come from science class. But please don’t ask me “do you smart at science?” Cause actually I’m not.

Last week finally the sweater which I ordered was arrived. Don’t you think that is cool enough? Actually I lil bit confused how to mix and matched it, but I swore that daisy pattern (which is very popular at this FW 2013 fashion week) will be look perfect with my sweater.


white sleeve : vintage from my mom
GOST sweater : my class sweater
frilly skirt : vintage from my mom
long socks : my dance appearance

shoes : Fladeo
Cat band : DIY
daisy clutch : DIY


20 Facts About Girls

  1. We love a sincere compliment, not a compliment-with-rolling-eyes only for making us happy
  2. We love when a guy stroke our hair gently
  3. We like an experiment with many stuff on our wardrobe
  4. Don't ever be rude to us because we'll do more than you think
  5. We HATE your ex
  6. We're like an angel, but don't ever make us angry cause we'll be a monster
  7. We love a guy who can act like a best friend, father, sibling, friend, or even boyfriend
  8. Yes, we apologize you, but we NEVER forget your mistakes
  9. We love the guys who loves their family especially his mother
  10. We hate to be a fashion disaster!
  11. Don't ever compare us to the other girls. we don't like it!
  12. A bucket of rose, a pack of Swiss-chocolates, nice words may be sweet. but better you give the different one
  13. We like when you guys act silly in front of us. but please don't make us shame!
  14. Don't lie to us, cause we know it!
  15. The words "you look fatter" can make us upset instantly
  16. When we want you to say what'a the plan for our first date, we want you to repeat our plans that's we made before
  17. Don't debate with us, cause we will win it. girls always true!
  18. We may say "he's handsome" to the other guy, but actually we ONLY see you
  19. Don't be ever protective. all we need is prince charming who's understand us. not a talk-active nanny
  20. "You're beautiful" is pretty good. but better you say " you have a nice personality" pr maybe " wow, no wonder many boys like you. you're interesting" with a little laugh


Go Crazy with Neon

                Neon oh neon. Yellow, shocking red, light orange, green stabile and shocking pink are my favorite neon colours. I don’t know, when my friend around me love the pastels or the neutral one, I keep loving neon colour.
                Well, neon colour always success for making me more shining and happy. I mean, neon colour seems like a mood booster for me, I love it. I don’t care even almost all my friend just keep wondering why I love it. Here I’m going to be crazy with neon!

top : from Dhinta
yellow skirt : I sew it to the tailor
bangles : random store
star tight : DIY
boot : Doc Martens

I decided to make these random shocking-red-fabric as a scarf
what do you think?


Yes, Fashion!

                Fashion? I swore you guys are familiar with it. And I want to ask you, what fashion is? And I absolutely sure that all of you guys have different opinion about fashion. But for me fashion is the identity of someone. Your fashion styles reflect from fashion that you wear. Umm, and you know I have a random fashion style, so am I a kind of random person? Well, yes I am. I’m a random girl, with a weird sense of a thing-sometimes. Sometimes my friends call me “Miss Weirdo” and I think not bad for me. When I’m different than the others, they will always remember me. You know that’s the advantage being different.

                But at fact nowadays many person assume that fashion is a famous brand as Chanel, Givency, Anna Sui, LSY, Hermes, Gucci, Guess, Fendi, Prada, Burberry, and many more. Therefore many people want to buy branded-thing. And many people think that a people whose wear a branded item they’re absolutely fashionable. For me, that’s not true! That’s absolutely wrong! Actually, fashion isn't about what you wear but how you wear it. So, even if you wear branded things but you don’t know how to wear it (how you mix and matched it) you will look tacky. I swore it!

                So, just be who you are. Let the world know who the real you are. Just buy e-ve-ry-thing that fit in your pocket. Do not buy a thing which can strangle you. We can be beautiful even if there’s no branded-things on our body.


A Young Lady

                Yesterday when I was rummaging through my mother's room, I saw these pieces of vintage-mustard dress which is matched with vintage coat. And surely I fell in love in very first time I saw them. My heart was screamed want to try them; I swore that should be great for me. And hell yeah! That’s true! It was awesome, feel like I’m a grateful lady when I wore it. Actually I want to be the real lady.

                My mom told me that being the real lady isn't easy. Being lady means you have a grateful attitude even you have a brilliant brain or pretty face. Don’t be arrogant with all of that. Being lady also has to take a big effort if you want something. But don’t forget to the Lord. So you must always pray to Him. And the last but not least, being lady must be elegant. Don’t be rude to the one who treat you bad or mock you. “When someone hate you for illogical reason, actually they just jealous on you”

mustard dress : my mommy's
vintage coat : my mommy's
watch : a gift from Cyntya
black clutch : from my mom


Flower Power

I always liked bright colors accented with beautiful flowers. My mood instantly up because of bright colors and beautiful flowers. The flowers remind me of fashion week spring or summer edition. Because this flowery accents are well known since a few years ago at the fashion week.

          And again, I must be thankful because I don’t need to waiting until spring or summer to wear this kind of clothes, I can wear whenever I want. And surely I always love the scenery, a green field with a smooth air on my lungs

bright colour for nice day :))

flowery blouse : Elle
tulle skirt : krasivyy
pink wedges : St. Moritz
vintage watch : a gift from Cyntya
bangles : random store
ribbon hairpin : stoberi



      Hello Stranger! as known as Malisa Amalia, pure Javanese blood girl who stays in a marginal awesome Malang city as a newcomer blogger, a part time dancer, and a full time student. 

      Born with black wavy hair, chocolates amazing eye, hot red lips. she's blithe. have a billion -amazing-dream. coffee-holic. little part of silliness. one on the billion

      I do love trying mix and match all my apparel on my closet, travelling to the cultural town and the unique one, dancing to the rhythm, destroy my kitchen to try new dishes, and create something unique with my hand.


When the Wind Blows

Errr, lately the weather was so cold though sometimes so oppressive sunlight. This made ​​me a little confused, which one should I wear clothes. Should I wear summer dresses or long coat which is quite suitable for the cold weather?

Because I do not want to be too troublesome so I deliberately wore clothes that covered but open enough. And do not forget I'm wearing beanie antidote to cold weather. Anyway, don’t you wonder because I just wear flat shoes? Yes, I deliberately wore flat shoes to make me easier adjust the weather which is pretty random. Monotone color I think the safest clothes to be worn whenever, a shining day or the cloudy one.

coat : online shop
top: details
shoes : unbranded shoes
bag : Prilzilia's
beanie : random store
bangles : random store
necklace : DIY

and which is better with my coat or maybe without it?

anyway, I took this picture. is it good?

 I was cut my hair last week. what do you think? Is it good for me? or too short?
Special thanks for my friend, Prilzilia who took my picture. Love ya!