When the Wind Blows

Errr, lately the weather was so cold though sometimes so oppressive sunlight. This made ​​me a little confused, which one should I wear clothes. Should I wear summer dresses or long coat which is quite suitable for the cold weather?

Because I do not want to be too troublesome so I deliberately wore clothes that covered but open enough. And do not forget I'm wearing beanie antidote to cold weather. Anyway, don’t you wonder because I just wear flat shoes? Yes, I deliberately wore flat shoes to make me easier adjust the weather which is pretty random. Monotone color I think the safest clothes to be worn whenever, a shining day or the cloudy one.

coat : online shop
top: details
shoes : unbranded shoes
bag : Prilzilia's
beanie : random store
bangles : random store
necklace : DIY

and which is better with my coat or maybe without it?

anyway, I took this picture. is it good?

 I was cut my hair last week. what do you think? Is it good for me? or too short?
Special thanks for my friend, Prilzilia who took my picture. Love ya!

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