Yes, Fashion!

                Fashion? I swore you guys are familiar with it. And I want to ask you, what fashion is? And I absolutely sure that all of you guys have different opinion about fashion. But for me fashion is the identity of someone. Your fashion styles reflect from fashion that you wear. Umm, and you know I have a random fashion style, so am I a kind of random person? Well, yes I am. I’m a random girl, with a weird sense of a thing-sometimes. Sometimes my friends call me “Miss Weirdo” and I think not bad for me. When I’m different than the others, they will always remember me. You know that’s the advantage being different.

                But at fact nowadays many person assume that fashion is a famous brand as Chanel, Givency, Anna Sui, LSY, Hermes, Gucci, Guess, Fendi, Prada, Burberry, and many more. Therefore many people want to buy branded-thing. And many people think that a people whose wear a branded item they’re absolutely fashionable. For me, that’s not true! That’s absolutely wrong! Actually, fashion isn't about what you wear but how you wear it. So, even if you wear branded things but you don’t know how to wear it (how you mix and matched it) you will look tacky. I swore it!

                So, just be who you are. Let the world know who the real you are. Just buy e-ve-ry-thing that fit in your pocket. Do not buy a thing which can strangle you. We can be beautiful even if there’s no branded-things on our body.

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