Fall Winter Inspiration Dress Up

          Imperceptibly very cold rainy season has come to pierce my bones. While I love the summer should be prepared this winter wind chill. And actually I hate this season, because I do not have the right clothes for this season. If winter comes I look more like a cocoon than humans. Uuh, I hate it. all of this because she does not ever want to buy warm clothes, so I would look like a very sick man with a very old-fashioned stacked sweaters and miserable sweatpants!

          I'm pretty sure a lot of girls who suffer the same fate with me (looks miserable when winter comes) and therefore, I suggest some cool outfit to accompany your winter.

          I purposely chose a few options for you depending on your personality. For you who are like to be the center of attention, then simply go crazy with neon, neon will make you shine and everyone will turn to you. While you who like something simple but still interesting tartan motif cool there for you. For you who like the softness and not too flashy but still interesting, the soft pastel is perfect for you. And for you who like smelling rock and a little tomboyish, gray plus a very cool ripped jeans for you.

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