Break the Brick

                 Oooh, I miss blogging so much!! I miss write something on my mind. And actually I was surprising because some of you spend you limited time for visit my blog. Thank you very much guys, that's mean a lot for me :)) I will do better :)

                Anyway, I think I broke my bone; I need to take my me-time which I can enjoy. And I thought taking pictures with brick-background never be the wrong choice. I love the brick because that’s look nice without any too-much editing.

                You may think that took (so many) pictures are tiring, and… yes it is. But that was pretty nice for me. I like it. I like being a photographer, but become the object is more WOW!!

anyway, my friend told me that I'm like a devil. isn't it?

vintage watch : gift from Cyntya
broken white-knit : gift from Adhinta
vintage coat : my mommy's
fur necklace : Amalia's online shop
shoes : Doc Mart


  1. love your shoes and your outwear dear :D


  2. i love your vintage coat ^^
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    x Natasha x

  3. Thank you for every comment that you gave to my blog :)