VBD = Very Busy Day(s)

Busy busy busy!!!!
I’m so busy guys! I have a lot of business, from the important thing till the silly one. From a mountain of assignment till some pieces of event which I really want to attend.
Finally I passed last week, because actually last week was very-very busy. I have to go take a course till night, woke up early for accompany my mom to go to market, a lot of assignment. Uff! Seriously, it was killing me slowly. But, fortunately last week I can go to “International Education Expo” from Alfalink at Santika Hotel. I went to that event with my lovely best ties, Amalia (pssstt…. We have a same name-Amalia)
I really want to study at Australia, I mean Deakin University. That’s one of the best universities there.
 watch : Hermes
red balzer : Simplicity
bag : Maika Etnik

sandals : Fladeo
jumpsuit : from my lovely aunty

 sorry for blur picture, my friend took it in hurry

 Can you guess what I got from that event, huh?  This mistery bag!
 this from Alfalink!
what I got there

actually I attended this event last week

thanks for Uzi, who took (almost) all my pictures

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