How to Handle First Meeting at New Semester

How to handle first day of this Semester?

Wow!! Unbelieveable! Tomorrow is the first day of this semester and I'm quite nervous and excited because it will be the new journey to reach many knowledges (plus higher GPA).
Some of your friends may be kind of super different from the last time you saw them and quite awkward for chit-chat and not ready yet for the class, but I'm pretty sure we can handle first day of college moment with:

-don't be late
Seriously, we already have a long time holiday we had more than enough time for relaxing our mind so yeah it's time to be the serious version of us.

-prepare the book and stationary a day before
Well don't forget our objective to be at College is studying so don't forget to prepare the weapons as stationary and (note)book for write many information. 

-don't forget to greet your friends
I know it quite awkward when you meet someone who never you seen in the last two months and don't know how to make a conversation you can start with greet them.

-sharing the holiday experiences
After you greet them, you can share your holiday experience from the unique and odd one until something funny. But, don't be snob about your last holiday at other country ot other place, just make it fun ok?

-talk about subjects you take
Mostly, first day will talk many things about the plan for nailing the new semester, we can share it to our friends and just the new tips from them too.

-listen to the lectures 
Just reminder about your goals after graduate the College, so listen carefully what lecture says and learn from the pro!

Overall: Matahari, Putricia
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Watch: Rolex
Baret Hat: Stradivarius


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