Friday as Free-Day?

I just got back from my KKN. Totally tired and need lot of rest because I used my major energy lately and yeah I am getting closer with next semester. I honestly blessed cause I got cooperative team and not-so-bad placement of KKN so at least my friends and I could do our best programs there. But, no kidding for me staying at home and lay in my bed are another level of luxury (especially when you are old-semester scholar). It took me a blink to go back from "I want to go travel around the world" to being my complete opposite side, a stay-at-home. What a vice versa!

I am a kind home person (especially on rainy days so I need more warm thing like this sweater). Some days when I feel like avoiding human interaction and doing random act of isolation, I could stay at home for couple days or week maybe? And surely keep myself well entertained. So here are some ideas of things you can do when you're at home or wondering what to do from the cancelled plan:

1. Read bunch of books that you haven't finished yet.
2. Drink cups of caffeine with melancholic atmosphere. 
3. Music oh music and shake it off.
4. Cook even if you can't because 14055 or 14022 always on your side when you're failed. 
5. Eat a lot, I mean you can even order pizza for yourself.
6. DIY nail art for the sake of your own happiness. 
7. Watch korean drama and make sure you prepare box of tissues.
8. Watch tv dramas that you always passed cause of you're out of somewhere. 
9. Testing the artist soul inside your body with sketch book and several colouring tools.
10. Take a long time nap, call me sleepy head.
11. Take a long deep bath.
12. Laughing out loud just because something funny across your mind.
13. Arguing with yourself for texting your ex or not.
14. Try some make up plus mix and match clothes based on your favorite movies and preferences. 
15. Take pictures of some attractive objects around you.
16. See rain from your favorite window corner with a cup instant coffee.
17. Doing some DIY for adding your cute stuff.
18. Online shopping! 

The point is: you need more practice to mastered the art of doing nothing while actually doing so much more for yourself, staying in is the new going out. Anyway, what's your best staying at home ideas you have in your mind?


  1. Hi dear! You have a nice blog, I like it:)
    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know!

  2. Fantastic post :)