Di Atas Awan

Some cafes finally were open near my board with reasonable price and quite good taste (and fast wi-fi for sure). This place is pretty good for university student whom want to discussing about the lesson with your group because this place is serene well (anyway some music will be your friend if you come alone). It was 13.00 pm when I came here, and I saw around me well as I told you before the atmosphere was good, with not too much interior decoration, I love the colour anyway because it made me fresher.

I honestly quite confused about the menus I’d like to order because it was my first time went there, then I decided to order Cheesy Burger and Taro Frape. The taste of the drink (Taro Frape) was so amazing, I really love it. But about the Martabak Burger is not appetite because it quite strange for my tongue.

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