Hot but Still Sweet

So yeah, My friend and I came to visit malang several days ago and we just LOVE this city! Everything here was very cheap and mesmerizingly delicious. Well, at fact I just spend 50.000 IDR or less than $5 for all this foods (one person)!

We went from Surabaya around 8 a.m to avoid traffic jam, because the traffic was damn. We arrived around 10.30 and just turn around the city, because I really missed Malang and confused place where we should ate. Well, I lived in Malang, but I must temporarily live in Surabaya for my education. And Voila we decided to eat at ‘Mie Jogging’, I ordered special noodle with fifteen chili plus a taro drink and my friend ordered noodle with thirty one chili (I know right we were so insane!!). And hell yeah, my stomach was very sick but luckily I order taro drink which was contain of milk for calming my stomach.

After that we went to some dessert place to eat fruit soap, I really like the place anyway. It was very fresh and cool. I forgot what I ordered before but I just asked the waitress to mix everything on my bowl and I really like the taste especially for the mango pudding. I really love it!!!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog dear :)
    Ah I miss Malang, I also love this city. Almost all of the restaurant I tried when I was in Malang is really cheap and had a good taste.