I've been taking photography class at this semester and we always had a task ever week. And based on the last task he asked us to took portrait photos in a pair. Well it quite difficult because of we should think about the concept, cause surely I didn't want to submit the task just not-that-good pictures and concept. So yeah, it took around two or three days to think about the concept to my partner especially we must accomplish with the outfit that she has. So yeah, I had three concept for her.
Meanwhile she has a concept for me, but I'd like to explore it.

For my friend's concept, the first one I'd like to show the and the gentleness of muslimah when she was praying to her god, and for the second photo I wanted to show about the gracefulness and the beauty of muslimah met the pattern of her veil, and the third about the morning kiss—well I knew that she really like tea so it was like the illustration of her activity in the morning.

top: from Bali
pink-pattern skirt: Candie's
yellow skirt: Zalora
pink sandal: Fioni, Payless

for the last photo, I inspired by Sangin Kim from Asian Next Top Model 4. I really like her, because she's so unique and I really like hr jawline. So, what do you think guys?

Anyway, I wanna give information while Ramadhan comes I will post about food only. Don't asked me why, because I just wanna do it.


  1. Wow you look amazing. Good job dear. Love the last one.

  2. maksud fotonya a[a ya ada jilbaban ada yang ngangkang

  3. love your photos dear <3


  4. Amazing pictures, I love all, thank you for sharing, you look stunning!!!



  5. Do you mind following each other?