Christmas is Coming to Town!

Jingle bells are ringing around the way back home, and I just feel so happy (even if Christmas Day at Sunday???) Because it brings me joy and happiness (beside many SALE on my favorite stores). Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it!!

At this month I completely super-busy because of many tasks before my final exam at 2nd January (well yeah, #byenewyearholiday) so I need to prepare many papers, proposals, and the other tasks. The fact that many subjects of exam are take home so feel like they're haunting me. I always think to I wanna give up, I mean with all of this tasks? I can't even sleep well lately. But again, I think about my parents that always do the best for facilitating everything I need, I can't just give up that easy.

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Don't forget to be happy (and please wish me luck for the final exam ok??)

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