Happy New Year 2017!!

Happy new year 2017 everyone!! 

To be honest, 2016 wasn't kind of special year that full of sparkling. But, I learned many things. I learned about distinguish real friend and the fake one, I learned to love myself first before others, and many things else. Let's say, experience is the best teacher (especially for life lesson).

Time flies so fast, everything runs quickly, and people change. After every pressure and scratch you've already passed, you'll be a brand new person. Let everything that gave you negative vibe left behind and don't forget to be happy.

Anyway, my place was quite cold lately cause of heavy rain. So I decided to just do some layering experiment on this post. What do you think, guys?

Anyway, if you wanna get bomb selfie, I recommend you Oppo phone. Seriously, you'll get surprised with your selfie result!

Turtleneck inner: Uniqlo
Ruffle dress: unbranded, vintage
Bag: vintage
Sock: unbranded
Heels: G♡sh
Ring: New Look


  1. Amazing post!!!

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  2. such a sweet look, best wishes on whats to come in the new year

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    xx Veronica
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  4. Cute look! Have an awesome 2017!