Tourist for a Day

This year is my third year live in Surabaya. I thought I already explored this city (well, I'm good at exploring malls here), but the fact is I haven't explored many things yet. I usually don't have time to explore things, or my friends won't accompanied me (basically I don't have solo traveller's soul--so, explore some places by myself is a big thing for me).
So, before final exams come to me I decided to explore this city! Surabaya known as City of Hero, so this city has lots of history behind everything. My friend and I decided to explore old-city here, but our meeting point was at De Javasche Bank (aka Museum of Bank Indonesia).
Personally I love museum and old thing, so this place was pretty cool for me. I found many interesting things here. I learned about the history behind money here, history behind the building itself, and the old regulations here. 
We walked kilometers for shooting photos around old-city, talked about many things. About his crush, about my last relationship, about how college life, and other things. Surabaya was very hot, and surprisingly I enjoyed it! For girl who doesn't really like hot weather, I enjoyed these activities. Hunted photos, talked about many things, and walked at old-city.

I bought an analog camera, and it was my first time shot things with analog camera. It was pretty amazing and challenging. When I used digital camera, I can shoot many times I want, but with analog camera I must think again when I wanted to shoot objects AND best part of shooting with analog is making your heart pounding and you'll be wondering, are they good or are they bad? did I shoot the right objects? will they great as my expectations? And....(drum rolls) I shot 36 times (so it must be 36 photos) But, only 19 that isn't burned AND only less than 10 that perfect as I want. Honestly it quite sad, but what can I do? :(

I honestly want to make outfit looks with two concepts: first Parisian look (because I wore my favorite red barret hat) and second just traveller look alike. But honestly they don't have any difference, huh? What do you think, guys? 

Barret hat: Stradivarius 
White ruffle shirt:Stradivarius 
Striped pants: unbranded 
Sunglasses: Cotton On
Watch: Zalora 
Accessories: from Lombok
Tote bag: unbranded 

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