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She's Clarestatok

Quite difficult to finally I found my personal style. I used to like super girly style with lots of flower and colours, then quite boyish, and I've tried monochrome minimalist style but non of them I really into and comfortable with those kind of styles. 

After long time adventures plus trial and error, finally I found my personal style that I really comfortable and into, vintage-inspired style. Its not a kind pure vintage with all vintage clothes but I'd like to mix and match vintage items plus modern items with a glimpse of my own preferences. 

I took these two pictures of my friends 

Yesterday I attended Fairfield Marriott's event about personal style. Fairfield Marriott itself want to facilitate many direct messages about people want to take pictures in that hotel, so they invited an influencer from Surabaya (you can check her instagram @clarestatok) for sharing session and a architecture-photographer community, and we could ask many things to them. 

 I met lots of people with different kind of styles. when we were there, we divided into three groups with around 6-7 people so we can help each others to take pictures in several spots there, like near the pool, ballroom and cool corridor, plus a lobby. 

I got into a group with these people, I thought it would be awkward moment when you got into a group with a bunch of people you don't know,  but they were really fun and humble so we could help plus got to know each other quickly. we talked about many things, about our personal preference of style until about our life. I had so much fun there with these people.

I enjoyed the pool in the noon

Here all I got from yesterday, besides good pictures in a good spots also new friends! 

Dress: vintage
Barrett hat: Stradivarius 
Sunglasses: Pull and Bear
Watch: Hush Puppies
Bag: Elizabeth 
Shoes: Gia, Berrybenka


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